In this heartwarming movie, high school football coach Harold Jones (Ed Harris) takes Radio (Cuba Gooding Jr.) under his wing. Being set in 1976, controversy and fucktardedly bad attempts at sending a positive message follow.

Just The Facts

  1. Radio is based on a true story.
  2. Cuba Gooding Jr. considered Radio a "research role" for his upcoming movie Shadowboxer.
  3. "It's never a mistake to care for somebody."

The Movie

This single picture sums up the free-spirited fun that is Radio.

The above image single-handedly sums up the movie Radio, which was all about free-spirited fun and unabashed humor. However, for those of you who don't believe that a picture is truely worth a thousand words, it's highly advised you try racing down a steep hill in a rickity-ass Costco shopping cart. That feeling of the wind wooshing past your face will give you the true movie experience... especially when you find out there are no brakes on Costco-model carts when you reach the end of the road.

As we previously stated, Radio is all about a high school coach who takes a liking to a mentally deficient young man. Although the movie is full of hatred, sterotyping, violence, and adversity (in that order), by the end Radio has become the town icon and all the retard-bashing is passed off as what we like to call a "big oopsie."