Dreams are things that everyone has, that are shattered as soon as you realize you cannot be Optimus Prime.

Some things were just never meant to be. *sob*

Just The Facts

  1. Having dreams sets you up for failure.
  2. Dreams are also related with sleep in some way.
  3. Apparently some people see things in their sleep called dreams, freaks.

Sleep Related Dreams

The colourful pictures you see when you sleep are not some form of black magic or LSD, no it is something much more mysterious, they are dreams. Dreams come in many varieties and they vary from person to person. Some examples of dreams are falling, boobs, Batman, and David Hasselhoff.

You dream about him, you know you do.

You dream about him, you know you do.

Most people don't remember their dreams after they have them. My theory on this that pixies steal them before you wake up, or get sober.

Life Crushing Dreams

These are the dreams you aspired to as a child, the dreams that you would one day be an astronaut instead of living in Australia. Do you remember that moment when you came to the shocking realization that you would not indeed be president? Or that you would never be able to be a firetruck? Well it's all because adults are assholes, shocking I know. Adults once had dreams, they too were taught they could be a ninja when they grew up. But like everyone else their hopes and dreams soon faded as real life settled in and made you its bitch. So know they take out their anger on their children (or other peoples children) by telling them they can be whatever they want to be and watches them when they eventually find out that no, they can't, Starting this horrible cycle of misery all over again!

A victim of the cycle of misery (maybe).


The guy who continued the cycle of misery (maybe).

Dream Interpretation

Their appears to be websites and books dedicated to helping people understand their dreams and what they mean such as sleeps.com. After a few moments of snooping around I can deduce that they are either A) mystcal ancient wise men (or women) B) insane or C) all of the above. I don't want to judge but if you think your dad beating you with a stick means he will do you a favour then, well, good luck with that. Freaks.