Silent Bob

Just The Facts

  1. Silent Bob is portrayed by writer/director Kevin Smith and is usually paired with his drug dealing pal, Jay.
  2. Jay and Silent Bob are set pieces in Kevin Smith's
  3. While Bob is usually silent, he is capable of rattling off pertinent information or dispensing nuggets of wisdom when necessary.

Cracked on Silent Bob

The character of Silent Bob has no less than fourteen (14) credits, according to IMDB including an guest-starring stretch on the once-popular Canadian teen drama, Degrassi: The Next Generation. 


Silent Bob in rare form (without a hat)

Clerks is the debut film by Kevin Smith.  Though it has been critically acclaimed for it's raw style and has been praised as a landmark in indie film, infinitely more important is the fact that this film marks the first appearance of Silent Bob. 

Bob's most notable moment:

Some may say that Silent Bob's speech to Dante was his most endearing moment, but those people are fools.  Because nothing on this earth is as inspiring as watching an overweight man dance to old school hip-hop.


Despite this poster, Mallrats was not a box office smash.

Mallrats is the second film in the New Jersey Saga and features such stars as, that guy from Cliffhanger, that girl from Meet Joe Black, and the brother of the guy from Dazed and Confused.  It also marked the film debut of Jason Lee and his (probable) brother, Stan.  The plot is about a bunch of people that hang out at a mall and the hijinks that ensue.  Jay and Silent Bob make mischief and utilize a plethora of Batman-inspired gadgetry.  Even with the star-studded cast and a stellar plot (an mall Easter Bunny is severely beaten), Mallrats made almost no money in it's theatrical release.

Bob's most notable moment:

The portly, bearded Bob, sporting a Bat-helmet and cape glides effortlessly over mall patrons while a supportive Jay shouts, "Fly, fatass, fly!" with incredible exuberance.  Bob's head then explodes through a wall where the viewer is treated to some lady breasts.


Hard to believe that this movie was controversial

Dogma is the third entry in the New Jersey saga and deals heavily with Catholicism and religion as a whole.  While that may sound like pretty serious subject matter, keep in mind that there is also a scene where Jay and Silent Bob fight a giant monster made of feces.  Basically, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are fallen angels that are trying to get back into heaven, even if it means destroying all of creation.  Linda Fiorentino has to stop them.  It also features Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) as a genital-less voice of God.  Then there's Chris Rock who plays Rufus, the 13th apostle and perhaps most importantly, Salma Hayek is a stripper.

Bob's Most Notable Moment:

Who gives a shit about Silent Bob's best moment?  Salma Hayek strips.


Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Jay and Silent Bob has been described by writer/director Kevin Smith as a "live-action cartoon."  Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back tells the meta story of Jay and Silent Bob trekking to Hollywood in order to stop a movie based on them.  On the way, they run into a bunch of hot jewel thiefs, steal a monkey, run from Will Ferrell and experience many other wacky hijinks.  The movie is chock full of cameos and there is no shortage of shameless self-promotion as characters from the rest of the New Jersey saga show up periodically.

Bob's Most Notable Moment:

Bob's expression of wide-eyed horror as hitchhiking guru, George Carlin explains the rules of the road which include diving headfirst into a truck driver's crotch.