If you clicked on this link in hope of reading an informative article about an east germanic tribe called Vandals who were popular in the 5th century, you're going to be dissapointed. But so is everyone who reads this, so carry on.

Just The Facts

  1. Vandalism is an act of aggression or rebellion manifested in the destruction or disfigurement of someone elses property
  2. Paint is popular with vandals. But they are very unhelpful when using it, choosing to paint an oversized penis on the wall instead of painting park benches in a nice, light nutmeg colour.
  3. Gangs use vandalism as a way of sending messages to other gangs. Usually by vandalising a rival members face. With a bat. Not paint.

Cracked on vandalism

The word "Vandal" comes from the word "Vandal" (ironic twist, I know). However, the latter "Vandal" refers to the east germanic tribe I mentioned earlier. By bringing them up, I hopefully calmed down bitter fans who came to this page by mistake. They were a rather angry group of people who specialized in destroying nice looking things like monuments or women.

Look at them, destroying those women and sitting on things. YOU DISGUST US!

Vandalism involves the destruction or the defacement of something that doesn't belong to the person who is vandalising. These vandals, to quote a certain movie (I don't recall the title, it was quite a big deal though), "Just want to watch the world burn!"

Examples of vandalism

1. Salting Lawns - By salting the lawn, the grass dies. The person usually uses the salt to make an amusing image in the lawn, such as genitals or the word "Fucktitties". Not that I've ever done it or anything.

Obviously your eye is drawn to the wall, but look carefully. A more subtle vandal has SALTED THE GRASS!

2. Cutting down trees WITHOUT PERMISSION! - This ones a no brainer people, come on. Obviously cutting down someone elses tree without asking is against the rules. Even if it is for christmas!

3. Flooding a house by clogging the sinks - Come on, who actually does this? These people are literally living in Home Alone!

They know I'm talking about them!

4. Painting on walls - This is an odd one. It's illegal unless your name is Banksy, then you get away with it, because you're so COOL with your really COOL paintings on buildings. You're so HARDCORE!

More like Wanksy! Cheap shot, I know, but it's the only one I get!