The perfect example of the theory that making great music allows one to be batshit insane.

Admit it, you thought there'd be a pic of her in a swan dress.

Just The Facts

  1. Homogenic is an album about how much she hates her ex-boyfriend. And you thought that Facebook status was bad.
  2. If you hear a song by her that isn't about sex, get ready for the planet to explode. (It needs Bjork's music to relieve tension)
  3. She attacked a reporter who wanted to interview her son. Note to Self: Children are meant to be seen, not heard. At least when Bjork is present.

Earth Intruder

Bjork is insane, bananas, bemused, crackbrained, daft, delirious, deranged, distracted, distraught, flipped out, foolish, frenzied, , hysterical, idiotic, lunatic, mad, maniac, maniacal, manic, non compos mentis, nutty as a fruitcake, out of one's gourd, out of one's tree, psycho, psychopathic, psychotic, schitzy, schizoid, unbalanced, unglued, unhinged, unsound, whack, fruity, and also apparently in the ozone according to So why is it she hasn't been strung up or put in an asylum for people who don't understand that you wear the fur of the animal, not the whole animal itself? Well....

But sure, go ahead and mess with her.

So who is Bjork, or rather, what? I think the answer is clear: She is God herself come down to judge our society and whether or not we live by the rules in what many call "The Divine Book" but in actuality is called "The Sneetches and Other [less important and not nearly as memorable] Stories." You see, Bjork may not have a green star on her belly due to the fact that she has 10 in other places and already attached a probe there, but that's no reason to discriminate. As bjork might say, "The devil stole our love so now we have to fuck before I decide to move on", so must you love her and everyone else. At least with your dick.