Scooby Doo

The one thing every child will learn from watching Scooby Doo is that those monsters under your bed aren't monsters at all, just highly dangerous criminals in costumes who would like nothing more than to see you dead.

The Gang looking into their franchise's Future

Just The Facts

  1. Has been the source of many a recycled joke about Meddling Kids who meddle with dogs.
  2. Spin-Offs of a good show do not automatically make a good show, even if you reuse the entire cast of characters.
  3. Was not created by Hannah Barbara and is in fact from Japan. And you thought you didn't like anime.
  4. Velma totally had the hots for Daphne.

Jinkies, The Smoke Detector's Sounding!

Aside from creating it's own "hip lingo", Scooby Doo showed us the virtues of Marijuana. From turning men covered in sheets into actual ghosts, having a neverending hunger for food from the random kitchen that appears wherever they go, and well, just about anything that happens in this series, it all comes back to the plant. No wonder Scooby and Shaggy are so paranoid.

And upon further inspection, one can see that the villains aren't after the gang because of their secrets, they're just angry because someone stole their stash.

A controversy? Zoinks!

A lot of people debate whether or not anyone but Shaggy can actually hear Scooby, and by a lot of people I mean 5. No one cares and if you do, go get a life. In fact, start your own mystery business by following these simple rules:

1. Buy a lovable pet.

2. Assemble a group of people to do all the work, so you can sit back, cower, and take all the glory.

3. Find the most hickish towns.

4. Follow any story that deals with the supernatural.

5. Find the Globetrotters or Batman, they'll add much needed comic relief.

6. Split up, Gang!

7. Jinkies! A clue!

8. Come up with plan that will fail miserably. Don't worry, dumb luck always conquers evil.

9. Remove mask to reveal your Great Aunt Sue.