Most Overrated Celebrities

Let's begin shall we...

The most overrate peace of crap alive.

Enough is enough.

You had to become a lesbian on The OC just to stay relevant and now you're crazy?

Just The Facts

  1. Keanu Reeves isn't overrated, he's not even rated. When you have no personality and a lifeless alien face, their is no judgement necessary.
  2. Anyone with the last name Kardashian, Hilton, Spears, Osbourne, Cyrus, Lohan or Cruise is overrated.
  3. A hyphen in your last name means your overrated.


The top three are shown above.

The case for Mischa:

She's a psycho headcase, who at the tender age of 23 has already checked into a mental institution. In OC life she played an innocent high school girl, turned crazed lesbian, turned reformed innocent girl who perished in a fiery car crash. If only life could imitate art.

The case for Madonna:

Get off of A-Rods pinstripe for a minute and realize that you are neither attractive nor popular anymore. Your only appeal was that sex book and some 80's songs, neither of which seem to hold up. Apperantly having one name helped your cause more than anything else.

The case for Spencer:

How a walking turd and a pair of breast implants ever became rich and famous is beyond me. Dude is the exact definition of overrated.

The Verdict:

You decide.

Honorable Mentions

Any male cast member of "The Hills" or "Laguna Beach": Enjoy being known as "that douchebag" for the rest of your life.

Judy Garland: Enough already, we get it.

Jose Canseco: ditto.

Tila Tequila: Pick a sexuality, your stradling the fence worse than a drunken sorority girl on a passed out frat guy.