The Daily Show

The Daily Show, also known as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is a show with Jon Stewart that takes place daily. Wait, what? It doesn't take place daily? YOU LIE!

If you ended up with Chris Matthews, you're doing it wrong.

Just The Facts

  1. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart used to just be called the Daily Show until Jon Stewart became host and decided that the title didn't have enough Jon Stewart. He wanted to call it "Jon Stewart's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (because Jon Stewart is AWESOME)", but the producers had to draw the line
  2. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is shot daily (for four days at least) in New York, at 6:00 pm at promptly edited and put on tv by 11:00 pm (Eastern time, because SCREW YOU CALIFORNIA). It doesn't cost one penny to become a live audience member, automatically making it better than the government.
  3. The audience of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is considered one of the most intelligent audiences of a political show, once again making it better than the government.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is a political satire that takes the form of said satire in a fake news format. The show makes fun of government, politicians, media personalities, famous people, rich people, stupid people, crazy people, fat people, skinny people, racists, PETA, NAMBLA....pretty much everyone who deserves to be made fun of. The show used to simply be called the Daily Show, until Jon Stewart replaced the old host( dude...) in 1998. Research indicates that The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is actually the primary news source from some younger people. Considering this is a fake news program, this means 2 things:

  1. All the other, REAL news programs suck.
  2. Jon stewart is in control of the minds of America's youth.

Yeah...this guy...

Yeah...this guy...


The show is generally broken up into three segments seperated by commercial breaks. The first is generally Jon Stewart talking about stuff and/or eating Baconaise.



The Second segment usually includes a fake interview with a correspondant or a video of the correspondant fake interviewing other people. The list of current correspondants includes:

  • Jason Jones: Funny white guy (who is Canadian as pointed out by techwiz81, because we all know how important those Candians are).
  • John Oliver: Really funy white guy with British Accent.
  • Aasif Mandvi: Funny brown guy.
  • Wyatt Cynac: Funny black guy.
  • Samantha Bee: Somewhat funny white chick who happens to be Canadian.

Occasionally, there are recurring segments with:

  • Lewis Black: Angry white guy.
  • John Hodgman: Funny nerdy, white guy.
  • Larry Willmore: Funne, pudgy black guy.
  • Others who are not memorable (I can't remember them)

One of these is not like the other...

One of these is not like the other.

The third segment is generally an interview with an unknown writer whose book may or may not be boring. Occasionally, a semi-famous (we're talking about the political world here) person might show up. In this case, the interview generally takes two segments. This occurred recently when former president, Bill Clinton was on the show.

Bias Issues and Success

It is clear that the purpose of the show is not to give real news. Since the show often criticizes other news stations For Ostensibly eXacerbating aNd promoting political viEWpointS, many people consider Jon Stewart a hypocrite for his left leaning views. Stewart has many times stated that it is not his duty to be unbiased due to the fact that it isn't a real news show, and since he isn't a journalist, he doesn't need to have a journalistic integrity. Nonetheless, his show criticizes both parties, both ideologies, and both of the sides' crazy people. Stewart has even criticized Obama in the past.

During election years, Stewart has had "Indecsion" events where he mocks the electoral process ( He has generaly supported the Democratic Candiadates, but seems more cynical about politicians in general. His most recent Indecision, "Indecision '08" (for those of you who don't now when the last presdential election was), culminated in a voting count with Stewart and his commentators, as well as Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report (a spin-off of the Daily Show). The sucess of the spin-off (the host being a former correspondant on Stewart's show) shows the increasing sucess of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

The show has won 7 Emmy's for Outstanding Variety, Music, or Comedy Series, 6 for Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Program, 2 Peabodies, and many other insignificant-ish ones (like the one from the Canadian Comedy Awards...psssh, Canada).

The best way to pick up chicks...

The best way to pick up chicks.