Ahh dodgeball the most dangerous and thrilling sport can you imagine getting hit buy those rib breaking death balls. This is the game that made you or broke you.

This is my dodgeball.  There are many like it, but this one is MINE.

Proper catching position.

Just The Facts

  1. There is only one movie made about dodgeball. It had Vince Vince Vaughn
  2. Dodgeball causes 300 children to be destroyed mentally and physically each day.
  3. Dodgeball is the third most popular sport in the world after Cricket and Speed Knitting.
  4. No one who understands the rules of D&D has ever won a game of dodgeball.

The History Of Dodgeball

Dodgeball was first invented in by a soilder in the early stages of WW2. A private who was guarding prisoners decided to throw a hard rubber object at a prisoner. Hilarity insued, soon kids wanted to throw hard rubber objects at people faces, troubled with finding a way to make this publicly acceptable, they decided to throw it at the closest level 70 paladin. Hilarity once again insued, and it became a worldwide sport.