Steampunk is a new subculture, built around an alternate Victorian era. Main features are earth-tone clothes 100 years out of style, brass and copper and goggles. Lots of goggles.

Technically, he should be wearing goggles.

They may do nothing, but they look cool.

Just The Facts

  1. Steampunkers are people who enjoy making things more complicated than they are, dressing in Victorian-era clothes and drinking tea.
  2. Goggles are the easiest way to identify a Steampunk.
  3. If you meet a Steampunk, be prepared for florid dialoge last heard in 1850's England.
  4. Any and all of the above facts may be wrong, depending on the type of Steampunk you meet/are.

What is a Steampunk?

Steampunk is a new subculture which started in the late 1990's. It emerged, as some say, from the Goth subculture when some of the goths decided that sitting in dark rooms writeing sad poetry was a bit depressing. So they left, exchanged their black for brown, velvet for leather and silver for brass, and the emo for lightning generators. And thus, Steampunk was born. Their patron saint is Nikola Tesla.

Steampunkers are well known for their design astetic, sometimes described as Victorian though a modern lens. They are also known for haveing a huge "maker" mentality, in that some beleive that making your clothes is the only way to go about it. While many do build and sew their own outfits, there are places that are begining to cater to Steampunk fashion.

One of the reasons steampunk is popular among males.