Mushrooms are some of the tastiest and deadliest things on the planet

Just The Facts

  1. Mushrooms are fungus, which keeps some people from eating them.
  2. Not all mushrooms are edible, som eare horribly poisonous. And the poisonous ones often look like the edible ones.
  3. Nature thinks this is funny.

Cracked on Mushrooms

Mushrooms come in a wide variety; there are the tasty kind, the killer kind, and even the glow in the dark and hallucinogenic kinds. Mushrooms look like plants, but their cell walls are often made of chitin, meaning eating a mushroom is kind of like eating a plant that is part bug.

Examples of Mushroom Awesomeness/Freakishness

There are just as many lame mushrooms as there are awesomeone; in true Cracked form, however, we don't give a shit about the lame ones. Here are several examples of mushroom awesomeness.

Glow in the Dark Mushrooms

Almost everything without a spine (and some with) have a version that has bioluminescence. Mushrooms are no exception, although unlike other bioluminsecent life, glowing mushrooms look like the all belong in a video game designed by American McGee.

Bear's Tooth Mushrooms

If HP Lovecraft designed a mushroom, this is what they would look like. They look like touching them would bring you harm.

Hallucinogenic Mushrooms

These make you say things like "Holy balls! The lasanga just told me my mushroom was alive! WHAT HAVE I DONE?"

Tasty Mushrooms

Here is the best group, the reason mushrooms rock as hard as they do. Mushrooms are tasty; to the point that we almost can't blame vegans when they replace steak with portabellas. Mushrooms incidentally go awesome with meat as well. And for the 3 nitpickers who say "Truffles aren't mushrooms! They're tubers!", we call bullshit.

Deadly Mushrooms

For fuck's sake, don't EVER mix these up with the ones above. If you do, well, its possible we were all better off without your dumb ass anyway.