Dwight Frye

Dwight Frye is one badass dude. Also insane. How badass, you may ask, or how insane? Enough for him to decide to try to fuck with both Frankenstein's Monster and Dracula. Yeah.

This is Dwight Frye, photographed while being absolutely crazy

This is also Dwight Frye. I told you he's crazy. No, really, like he's actually a goddamn lunatic. Look at him.

It's really not fair; we could do this all day...

Just The Facts

  1. Dwight Frye is an actor most famous for portraying mentally unstable characters in classic horror movies, such as Renfield in "Dracula" and Fritz (aka Igor) in "Frankenstein"
  2. Talk about getting typecast for shitty roles, this guy had to make a career out of playing lunatics who work for monsters. Seriously.
  3. Dwight Frye, like the characters he played, was fucking insane.

Frye and Dracula

In James Whale's 1931 version of Dracula, Frye plays Renfield, a fairly successful real estate lawyer whose newest client happens to be a Transylvanian count. He is sent to Castle Dracula to meet with the client, Count Dracula, to seal a real estate deal whereby the charming count will move to London.

Good idea, Dwight. This will end well.

Anyway, when he gets to the town that Castle Dracula is in, the crazy mustachioed gypsy people there tell him to get the fuck out of Dodge before Drac bites his neck. Renfield, the ever-rational Englishman ignores the ignorant superstitions of the bumblefuck villagers and, surprise, surprise, gets hypnotized and bit by Dracula.

Keep in mind this isn't some pussy Ann Rice or Stephanie Meyer vampire here. This is the real deal. Count Dracula. The undead. The most satanic sort of monster, charming, deceiving, manipulating, and alltogether evil. Bela fucking Lugosi. Have you seen a picture of Bela Lugosi recently. He's fucking frightening.

Above: Bela Lugosi, Awesomeness Not Pictured: Someone to be fucked with

Above: Bela Lugosi, Awesomeness. Not Pictured: Someone to be Fucked With

So needless to say, Renfield is no match for him, and is reduced to a snivelling, cowering lunatic of a vampire, a petty little bitch vampire who is bossed around by Dracula and eats fucking bugs instead of people. Which of course means that when they get back to England, he's immeidately tossed in an asylum. People in Victorian England didn't tend to take too kindly to crazy people who went around raving about their "Master" and eating spiders. Frankly, I don't blame them.

So anyway he goes on like this for a while longer, then eventually (unintentionally) ends up leading Van Helsing et al. to Dracula's hideout. Yay redemption! Needless to say, however, Dracula is somewhat put off by this, and expresses his disappointment in Renfield the only way he knows how.

He fucking kills him.

But not before Renfield got to shit out all this sheer insanity onto the silver screen:

Frye and Frankenstein

You know Dr. Frankenstein's crazy little hunchback assistant Igor? No shit buddy, you and everyone else. Well, he was originally named Fritz, and he was played by none other than Cracked's favorite lunatic, Dwight Frye. Surprisingly, DOB is only our distant second favorite lunatic...

DOB only comes in a distant second.

In case you were wondering, rest assured that Frye is still up to his old insane antics. This time, he's helping his master dig up graves, plunder gallows poles (keepin' it classy), and of course, stealing the criminal's brain from the university instead of the 'normal' brain for his master to use in his man-made monster.

So basically, Fritz is responsible for Frankenstein's creation doing things like this:

Nice one, Dwight.

Really piling on the retardation, he further decides to torment the monster after it first comes to life, lunging at it with torches. Clearly, Fritz had forgetten Rule #4 of Everything: "Fucking with Frankenstein is a bad idea." This lapse in judgement (or continuation of insanity, which in Dwight Frye's case is probably more likely) causes him to get fucking killed by yet another classic movie monster.

Frye Fucks With More Monsters

Not too much to say here, but you should keep in mind that Frye didn't learn his lesson quite yet about not fucking with the monsters in the classic Universal monster movies. Case in point: he appeared in Bride of Frankenstein as well as in Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman, aka the '40s version of a much less shitty AVP.

So here's to you Dwight Frye, you incorrigible monster-fuck-wither. Your tenacity in the face of monsters than can (and usually do) kill you without a second glance, and your sheer balls to the wall insanity will never be forgotten.