Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson is a famous dietitian and beard-enthusiast from the small country of New Zealand. He is also known for his brief stint as a filmmaker.

Just The Facts

  1. Author of New York Times' best seller Eat like a Hobbit, Look like an Elf.
  2. Winner of several awards such as "Raggiest Beard", "Bin-Laden Look-alike", "Best Director", and "Bush Face".
  3. Peter Jackson directed a number of movies including the partly autobiograohical film Lord of the Rings, in addition to a number of small-budget B-horror flicks.
  4. Fun Fact: Peter Jackson is not related to Michael Jackson. He is, however, Jesse Jackson's second cousin.

Career as a dietitian:

Peter Jackson's Eat like a Hobbit, Look like an Elf is based upon his own experiences losing 360 lbs in 2 years. The book recommends 3 meals a day. The following is an example of a typical day's regiment:


- Two pieces of Lembas served with a hard-boiled egg.

- 8 ounces Orange Juice (Fresh squeezed only).


- Well-done Warg steak on a bed of crispy Crams.

- A small glass of Miruvor is acceptable. But the beverage should never be consumed in large quantities.


-A green salad.

The diet received both acclaim and critcism. Proponents of the diet emphasized the variety of healthy foods the diet suggests, while critics pointed to the difficulty in acquiring some of the items. Jackson responded that people should expect to put forth some effort in order to see results.

The diet recommend a number of daily excercises like Walking, running, horseback riding, and rock climbing. Jackson's famous movie, Lord of the Rings, is partly based on the author's experiences with the diet.

Peter Jackson's personal proof of the the diet's effectiveness.

Career as a filmmaker

Before directing the highly succesful Lord of the Rings trilogy, Peter Jackson made a number of low budget movies. Some of his lesser known movies are regarded as some of the greatest cult films in the comedy-horror genre. His earlier films try to tackle a number of difficult question on the human condition such as; How many zombies can you take down with a lawnmower? Does human meat make good hamburgers? Is it still a Topic page if its mostly made-up? Some of his early work include:

The Frighteners:

Michael J. Fox is left with the power to interact with ghosts following a car accident that severely injures him and kills his wife. With his newly discovered gift, Fox becomes a house-exorcist. Think of this movie as Ghostbusters meets The Amityille Horror.

"There's somebody behind me, isn't there?"


The mother of 30-something year old man-child turns into a zombie. The protagonist spends the enite movie taking care of her, making sure nobody realizes her condition, and fighting other local zombies. But really, the plot is not important. What you should know here is that Braindead is possibly the bloodiest horror movie ever made, and it features a ninja Catholic priest and a vicious zombie baby. An edited US version, in which over ten minutes of carnage is edited out, is available in video stores everywhere.

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