What does the internet stand for, if not freedom, chances of fame and being a complete douche? Webcomics are one of the many roads to take when looking for these goals, and one which, opposed to what you may believe, requires no skill whatsoever.

This is ART!

Just The Facts

  1. Webcomics are just like regular comics, only that they're in the web.
  2. This eliminates the "finding a publisher" problem: Now anyone can produce their own comic.
  3. This obviously has a downside

History WIP


This trend began when, one fateful day of 1986, a fellow known only as Joe Ekatis decided to publish his comic on the web not realizing that, during the 80s, this wasn't such a good idea. His comic was called T.H.E. Fox and told the everyday adventures of Thaddeus Fox who was, as you may imagine, a fox. That's right, ladies and gentlemen: The first webcomic ever to exist was furry in nature.

God. Dammit.

God Dammit, humanity.

Since we refuse to accept this fact, our lawyers decided that since the goal of T.H.E. Fox was getting published it doesn't technically qualify as the first webcomic, and this honor should in fact go to Argon Zark! which meets every requeriment: It's about something nerdy, it was created specifically for the web and it has a stupid name. Therefore, from now on we'll pretend that T.H.E. Fox never existed and live happily ever after.