Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are a Los Angeles band known for their lack of clothing and worship of California. ))

epic hat flea

surprisingly not pictured: California

Just The Facts

  1. A song is not by the Red Hot Chili Peppers if it doesn't reference California, drugs or sex, preferably multiple times.
  2. The band's songs have become much more melodic over the years
  3. Their live shows are known for outlandish costumes (if any clothes are actually worn) and improvisation
  4. Flea is awesome
  5. The band will begin working on their 10th studio album in late September


The Red Hot Chili Peppers were formed in 1983 in Los Angeles, and they'll never let you forget that latter fact. The founding members were Anthony Kiedis ("vocals"), Hillel Slovak (guitar), Jack Irons (drums) and Michael "Flea" Balzary (bass), who presumabely took up an insect name to rub in the fact that he's a better bassist than the Beatles' Paul McCartney. The band was originally called "Tony Flow and the Majestic Masters of Mayhem," a name so obnoxious it requires no comedic comments.

One of the more mature bands of the late eighties.

The band was formed after a few instances where the group went on stage, jumped around, screamed, and periodically played their instruments (which some people in attendance called "songs"). They went on to release their first album in 1984.


The musical style of the Red Hot Chili Peppers could be described as a combination of funk, rock, punk and alternative, or you can stop worrying about meticulous genre classification and leave that to the metalheads. They have released nine studio albums, at least two of which reference sex in the title (Blood Sugar Sex Magik and Californication specifically, but also quite possibly One Hot Minute and Freaky Styley) and surprisingly only one named after California (Californication).

The Red Hot Chili Peppers hold the record with 11 number 1 singles on the Modern Rock Charts. Their most famous song is "Under the Bridge", which is even played on the soft rock station your mom listens to. They are considered among the best rock groups of the last 20 years, which will be further cemented when they are likely inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009, their first year of eligibility.

Members (Past and Present)

Anthony Kiedis

The vocalist and frontman of RHCP; Kiedis has done enough heroin to kill everyone in Rhode Island, which would be fine by him, because California is way better. His Autobiography Scar Tissue reached number 1 on The New York Times Best Seller List. The book completely overuses the words "energy", "universe" and "spiritual", most commonly in connection with each other. He is currently working with HBO on a mini series based on the book, to further pussify your childhood in comparison to his badass teenage years.

Top Kiedis Performance: Sir Psycho Sexy off Blood Sugar Sex Magik

John Frusciante

Lead Guitarist and backing Vocals; Hailed as one of the "new guitar gods" by Rolling Stone magazine, Frusciante is known for being a fucking good ass guitar player, fusing melodic rhythms with his roots as a punk/ funk guitarist. He left the band in 1992 after Blood Sugar Sex Magik was released and gained notoriety, he left under the banner of "Fuck Success." The next 7 years of his life included odd solo albums, shitty paintings, and near death experiences such as: massive drug use (for which he now has dentures due to infections in his mouth) and fire ( which claimed his home and vintage guitar collection). In 1999 Frusciante, with the help of Flea, remembered he was an epic guitar player, and that being in a world famous rock band wasn't as bad as it sounded, he then rejoined the Chili Peppers.

Top Frusciante Performance(s): Can't Stop off By the Way and Soul to Squeeze off Greatest Hits

Michael "Flea" Balzary

Bassist of RHCP; Flea, along with Kiedis (who are lifelong friends) are the only original members of the band still in the group. Flea's techniques range from slap-bass to melodic use. His roots stem back to funk and punk rock. He is an extremely energetic and ridiculous live performer at the same time. He is a die hard Laker fan with a gap between his front teeth. Flea dominates on a whole other level than most.

Top Flea Performance: Aeroplane off One Hot Minute

Chad Smith

Drummer; Smith is the stabilizing force behind the Red Hot Chili Peppers, keeping the beat with solid drums and staying out of the ridiculous amount of drug use and drama that other members indulged in. He is currently in a supergroup that is embarrasingly named Chikenfoot, which even more embarrassingly has Sammy Hagar as its singer. Overall, Chad Smith is most famous for looking exactly like Will Ferrel.

Top Chad Smith Performance: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Past Members:

Hillel Slovak: Original Lead guitarist. Died of Drug Overdose in 1988.

Jack Irons: Original Drummer, left in the band after the death of Slovak in 1988.

Jack Sherman: Guitarist, in the band in such a short manner of time it probably shouldn't even be mentioned.

Cliff Martinez; Chuck Biscuits; D.H Peligro; Phillip Fisher: Worthless drummers who filled in until Smith joined the band

Arik Marshall; Zander Schloss; Jesse Tobias: Worthless guitarists who replaced Frusciante after his departure, before the arrival of Dave Navarro. Marshall was lucky enough to be in the band at the time they were featured in an episode of The Simpsons, it is most likely the highlight of his life.

Dave Navarro: Guitarist for the one RHCP album recorded without Frusciante, also a douche.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers Through the Years

Early Years (1983-1989)

The Red Hot Chili Peppers, as stated earlier (but most definently wanted repeated by the band), were formed in Los Angeles in 1983. The got their start when Kiedis and Flea would perform as an opening group for bands to perform later (normally with members of the other bands). Their energetic live performances gained them fans and eventually a record contract under their inital lineup of members. They released their first album in 1984, titled The Red Hot Chili Peppers, which marked both the beginning and end for their album titles making any straight-forward sense. Their engery and antics during their live shows launched them to become a popular L.A based band. They then released two more albums titled Freaky Styley(1985) and The Uplift Mofo Party Plan (1987). In 1988, Hillel Slovak died of a drug overdose, which caused drummer Irons to leave as well.

New Lineup and Ascend to Stardom (1989-1992)

John Frusciante and Chad Smith replaced Slovak and Irons, and the Chili Peppers went on to record Mother's Milk. The album spawned hits such as Knock Me Down and an impressive cover of Stevie Wonder's Higher Ground. However, many Chili Peppers fans have mixed feelings over the album as it spawned the great jam "Pretty Little Ditty". Which would later be the cause of and main guitar riff in that shitty song Butterfly by Crazy Town, god that song sucks. After Mother's Milk, the band began the recording of Blood Sugar Sex Magik, which would go on to become the band's breakout album. During the recording, the band (with the exception of Chad Smith), locked themselves up in a rumored haunted mansion in L.A until the completion of the album, which is pretty badass. The album became a huge success, and included such hits as "Under the Bridge", "Give it Away", and "Suck My Kiss". It is considered by many to be the band's best overall album. However, its success led to guitarist John Frusciante's departure.

One Hot Minute (1993-97)

After the depature of Frusciante, the band used many different replacements while still on tour. Ready to record a new album, they replaced him with former Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro. The album didn't recieve the acclaim or success of Blood Sugar Sex Magik, but One Hot Minute produced hits for the Chili Peppers such as My Friends and Aeroplane. Eventually, in 1998, Dave Navarro left the band after the other members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers realized that this was their lead guitarist:

fucking douche.

Californication (1998-2002)

Frusciante returned to the band in 1998, and the band immediately hit the studio to record Californication. The CD regained the bands success that came with Blood Sugar Sex Magik and they again became one of the top rock bands around. The CD produced the hits "Californication", "Around the World", "Otherside" and "Scar Tissue". The writing of the title track led to this epic live performance (which highlights their live improvisation):

By the Way, Stadium Arcadium, and the future (2002-present)

After the success of Californication, the band returned to the studio to produce their most melodic album, titled By the Way. This is the 2nd straight album where the band's first single, By the Way, would have something to do with California ( Dani is mentioned in the song). The CD also had other hits such as "Can't Stop" and "the Zephyr Song". After the release and touring of By the Way, the band went on to record and release their double album title Stadium Arcadium. This CD would mark the 3rd album in a row where the single had something to do with California. Dani Calfornia was a large success for the band, and helped the band win the Best Rock Album Grammy for Stadium Arcadium. After the non stop touring or recording, the band took a 2 year break in 2007. Each member went on to do their own work, and it was up for debate whether the band would reunite again. However, in August 2009 the band reconfirmed they were getting back together in early October to record their 10th studio album, due out in 2010