Gg Allin

Kevin Michael "GG" Allin (August 29, 1956 – June 28, 1993) was an American punk rock singer-songwriter. He hated everybody - especially you.

Sorry, no refunds. Bring an umbrella next time.

Just The Facts

  1. Was named "Jesus Christ Allin" at birth, and was known by that name until he was 5 years old.
  2. Somebody actually married this guy in the 1970's, and yes - he reproduced.
  3. Dee Dee Ramone played in GG's band (the Murder Junkies) for a short time in the early '90's.
  4. His single, "Sleeping In My Piss On A Monday Night", made it to #4 on Billboard's Hot 100 in 1988.
  5. Just kidding. It was never a single.

Live fast, die faster, leave a smelly corpse

GG Allin was, and remains, notorious for being "that guy who threw his crap on the audience." His music is probably best-described as "The Stooges, if they replaced Iggy Pop with that kid from 5th grade who had Tourette's. You remember - the one who took a dump in the back of the room, and dared anyone to touch it?"

Among his dubious achievements:

  • Did a couple years in prison for holding a woman hostage in his home, setting her on fire, cutting her breasts with a razor, and drinking the blood. At his hearing, he claimed she returned the favor. The judge believed him.
  • Told Geraldo Rivera he "wiped his ass with the Bible".
  • Occasionally threatened to commit suicide on-stage.
  • Frequently incited riots before, during, and after his concerts.
  • Had a portrait painted for him by John Wayne Gacy

He shaved his 'stache that way because he despised "danglers".

There's more we could add, but you might be eating breakfast. Don't wanna spoil that for ya.

"I don't wanna get old and stagnant and hang around."

GG finally bought the farm in 1993, via a post-concert/riot heroin overdose. At his funeral, mourners filled his mouth with drugs and whiskey, and posed for pictures with his corpse - the latter a Herculean feat, considering GG 's body stunk heavily of feces. This was due to his brother's request that GG not be washed, nor would any make-up be applied to GG's face. GG was buried in his leather jacket and trademark jockstrap (and nothing else), along with a bottle of Jim Beam and a Walkman containing his 1991 album, "Suicide Sessions". His grave is vandalized with feces and alcohol regularly - by his fans.

You can almost smell him from here....

"I think what I do is positive, in its own way."

GG Speaks:

"The clubs do the disclaimers, not us, but we sorta recommend it. Enter at your own risk."

"Why me? Because it's my revenge on this robotic society, because someone has to do it."

"I believe I am the highest power, absolutely."

"Rock 'n' roll has to be destroyed and rebuilt in my name if it's ever gonna accomplish anything."

"If I wasn't a musician, I would be a serial killer."

"Rock and Roll is a fury from within."

"My mind's a machine gun, my body's the bullets and the audience is the target."