Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII, released in 1997, is a console RPG developed by Square. It is known for its complicated and unintelligible storyline as well as for the anatomy of its female character, Tifa.

Just The Facts

  1. Final Fantasy VII was released again through the Playstation Network in 2009. Responses range from "this is gay" to "it's the same thing."
  2. Final Fantasy VII is the best-selling Final Fantasy title, selling over 9.9 million copies worldwide.
  3. Heated debate still exists regarding whether or not Aeris is alive. The phrase "Aeris dies" is still widely contested. However, Aeris dies.
  4. Final Fantasy VII was met with critical acclaim. TopTenReviews gave it a "3.7428 out of 4," proving that Final Fantasy VII fans "already know how to do decimals."

The Gameplay

Final Fantasy VII is a game that revolutionized the RPG world with its unrevolutionary battle system. It utilized the Active Time Battle system (first seen in Final Fantasy IV), the use of spells (first seen in every other RPG in existence), and the limit break system (first seen in every other final fantasy game, albeit under a different name). The world can be explored either by plane, by submarine, or by foot. Philosopher Socrates famously said "I hate all the travelling time and shit in Final Fantasy VII, it's pretty gay."

The Graphics

FFVII boasted polygons, not 2D sprites.

It made the game a lot more realistic-looking.