Banana Slugs

Banana Slugs are the second-largest slugs on earth. They are bright yellow and look like Bananas.

Just The Facts

  1. There are three species of Banana Slugs belonging to the genus Ariolimax.
  2. The Banana Slug is the school mascot of UC Santa Cruz.
  3. Banana Slugs eat each others' penises after sex.

Wait, Could You Repeat that Last One?

 Banana Slugs eat each others' penises after sex. 

Banana Slugs are hermaphrodites. Every single one of them has a penis and can deposit sperm into another slug as well as receive sperm and become pregnant. Their penises stick out of the sides of their heads and look like this:


In proportion to body size, that is one huge motherfuckin' wang.


When Banana Slugs mate, they insert their penises into each others' heads at the same time. The result looks kind of like a Banana Yin-Yang.


Or, a squishy yellow shuriken.


The penises do not grow back. 


Can We Talk About Something Other Than Slug Penises?

 Sure. Let's talk about the wonderful athletic programs at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Since the school's inception, they have had a variety of coed, intramural athletic teams to keep the kids fit and entertained. The Banana Slug, which is native to the nearby redwood forests, was adopted as the unofficial school mascot.

In 1980, UCSC entered Division III of the NCAA in five sports and a quick vote of the athletes on those teams came up with an "official" mascot: the Sea Lions.

UCSC Water Polo Team, 1981.


The rest of the student body was not happy about this. They continued to root for the Slugs, even after a sea lion was painted on the basketball court floor. 

For six years the debate raged on between hordes of college students who wanted their beloved Banana Slug back and one cranky old Chancellor who thought sea lions were "more suitable and dignified to serious play". Right. Because everyone knows Division III is serious business.


UCSC Men's Basketball Team


We'd like to think that what followed was six long years of pranks and hijinks by the student body. Maybe they painted the Chancellor's car yellow, or maybe they put mustard in his shoes. Maybe they held a protest. They do a lot of those at UCSC.


Economics class.


But one way or another, the Chancellor finally caved in 1986 and the Banana Slug was made the official mascot of UC Santa Cruz. In 2004, Reader's Digest voted "Sammy the Slug" America's best college mascot.