Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is the continuation of the fallout series of games by berthesda software,in fallout 3 you lead your character on quests through diverse open world gameplay

intimidating much?

The average fallout 3 player's experience

everytime I see this picture i explode in a mushroom cloud of glee

Just The Facts

  1. this is the best shooter in the modern age
  2. the absurdly diverse amount of weapons will blow you away,or failing that at least rip you apart
  3. i started playing this and have'nt stopped for the past four days

setting and storyline

Fallout 3 takes place in the year 2277, 36 years after the second game in the series and 200 years after the nuclear war between the USA and China that devastated the game's world,you start the game in vault 101 which is a fallout shelter that has protected it's residents from the harsh outside world, known as "the wasteland" in which the game takes place,when you are 19 years old your father leaves the vault and you follow in his footsteps in an effort to find out where he has gone.during your travels you discover that there are still stelwart defenders of humanity living in the last bastions of societey (much like your former vault dwelling neighbors,that dissuaded you from such notions) these people give you quests and advance the gameplay and plot one step at a time.

FPS Excellence

this game is more addictive than precious,sweet,sweet heroin,the reason it is more addictive than smack is due to it's immersive and diverse gameplay as well as it doing away with the "complete and utter bullshit"game mechanics that can arise in an openworld game such as this. for example once you've travelelled to an area you can fast travel back to it at anytime,instead of walking all the way back there like most RPG games make you do to increase the gameplay time and lengthen the "grind" simulating the illusion of fun gameplay,but the real fun part of the game is the ability to do anything you please.you have a varientey of choices and an arsenal of weapons at your disposal,everything you say and do affects the outcomes of various life events,but no matter how you play....one thing is guaranteed....you will enjoy this game.

oh yeah did i mention you can slow down time and plan your shots resulting in excellent headshots everytime?