The Great State Of MANtana

The Great State of MANtana is a blog on myspace by El Presidente. Dealing primarily with satirical misogynistic view points but often branching out to scathing and poignant social commentary as well. MANtana is the most hated blog on myspace.

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Just The Facts

  1. MANtana is the most deleted profile on myspace due to violations of myspace terms of service.
  2. MANtana is home to orphaned internet memes... Where they are promptly beaten to death and sodomized.
  3. Each "citizen" of MANtana has to be voted in by a group of existing citizens... Success is usually reserved for those who post tits and don't GTFO.
  4. Citizens who abuse their citizenship are given 1 chance to MAN the fuck up. All future transgressions are dealth with via Banhammer. The Judge, Jury and Executioner of MANtana
  5. Fun Fact!: MANtana is the chief exporter of Cake and Win. The largest consumer economy of which is Lollerton. Ace Tyler is mayor.

Involvement in World War II

As MANtana historian Justin Harless explains, MANtana's own El Presidente played a huge role in WWII.

*In the Battle of Britain, El Presidente destroyed over 50 German planes. He used no weapons.

*El Presidente was there on D-Day, and took part in storming the beaches of Normandy. An Epic win for the the Great State and the allies both.

*He led a unit of French troops. Not only was there no retreat, they succeeded in capturing and then killing hundreds of Krauts.This was done purely for teh Lulz.

*El Presidente single handedly destroyed an entire platoon of Afrika Korps tanks, with nothing but a canteen, combat knife, and ingenuity.

*A MANtanian Mudkip bomb was what the U.S. dropped on Hiroshima. Cover ups were then issued to prevent rival nations from trying to create their own MANtana weapons.

*It's said that millions of Russians fought and died in the Battle of the Bulge. This is not true. El Presidente, along with a dog he named Rufus and a 3 legged Jackass, were the only participants in the battle on the allied side.

*The term "Island Hopping", a term used for the strategy of moving from island to island on teh pathway to Japan, was coined when hundreds of troops stared on in awe as El Presidente literally jumped from one island to another.

National Holidays

There is only one celebrated national holiday in MANtana, and that is Gary Busey Day. An odd but revered holiday in the MANtanian culture where all citizens don a mask depicting the visage of Gary Busey. This day is serious business and traditionally such customs as making fun of the handicapped, screaming at small children and taking crippling amounts of mood stabilizers, are observed.


MANtana is where memes go to die... Or more importantly, where dead memes are dug up, molested, beaten about the face and crotch, molested again, and left along side of a little used highway to rot until discovered by local police.

MANtana is known for it's liberal use of 4chan created content and /b/tard shenanigans. Though the Great State is know for having a more focused use of the often cryptic /b/ memes. These memes, much like in 4chan, are used in the "pwn'ing of noobs"... Otherwise known as emo kids, wiggers, and middle aged housewives that lack a sense of humor and spend all day surfing myspace blogs and voicing their own retarded opinions.

Women in MANtana

Friend and frequent visitor, Rene, had this to say about women in MANtana:

"Most women go into blind rage before realizing it is satire. Because of their strongly held belief that they must correct anyone who they believe is wrong on the Internet, women repeatedly rally together to get Mantana deleted never realizing that what they are reading is satire. If you like the movie Groundhog Day, you'll like Mantana."

Women have had this to say about El Presidente (or E.P. for short):

[he's an] "thoughtless monster with no conscience" and an "irresponsible man-child"

These statements are actually in stark contrast to MANtana's female immigration policy, where merely having boobs and the ability to make a sammich for a MAN is the only requisite to becoming an Honorary Breasted Citizen. Though it should be noted that a desire and finesse at fellatio are greatly respected skills in the bustling MANtana job market.

"This dick's not gonna suck itself!"

"This dick's not gonna suck itself"

Polar Plunge and Breast Cancer Walk (Fundraising)

A "Polar Plunge" is a fundraising event for the Special Olympics where MEN jump into ice cold water for the revenue generated by testicles ascending to the back of ones throat. This monetary denomination is then given to the Special Olympics by MANtana Charity division, aptly named "Retards Helping Retards". These fundraising events were held in 2008 and 2009.

Also of note is MANtana's earlier contributions to society during 2006 and 2007 via the Breast Cancer Walk. MANtana is also raising money toward the fight against breast cancer in 2010. Hell bent on saving epic boobs from the ravages of unsightly, and often deadly, tumors.

To date, Team MANtana has raised just under 10,000 for the Special Olympics and the fight against breast cancer in its endeavors.