Repo! The Genetic Opera

Opera: That's for sissies, or rich people, or both, right? Well what could make that worth seeing for the rest of humanity? Blood? Check. Guts? Check. Drugs? Check. Self-Aware Horror-Comedy? Check. Now, that sir is an opera I would pay to see.

Why aren't nurses in this decade required to dress like that?

Because surgery while singing is awesome.

Just The Facts

  1. Murder+Drugs+Singing always leads to something great. (The editor is not responsible for any jail time due to taking this advice)
  2. This might just be the one time that Paris Hilton does something worth paying attention to.
  3. Zydrate is like futuristic crack and a glowstick combined.

The Largos

Amber Sweet: Heiress/Zydrate whore

Amber Sweet: Because getting injected with drugs makes singing even more fun.

Paris Hilton Amber Sweet is the heiress of Hitlton Hotels GeneCo. She's a rich, spoiled, daddies girl who's addicted to drugs, sex, and plastic surgery. But, luckily for her, GeneCo gives loans so that the people of the future can get as much surgery as they want for free to make themselves conformists perfect. Her name used to be Carmella Largo, but it wasn't pretty enough so she picked a new one.

Luigi Largo: The posterchild for anger management issues

Stabbing: His only hobby

Didn't prepare Luigi's coffee right? You get stabbed. Are in the same room as Luigi? You get stabbed. Breathing Luigi's air? You get stabbed. Basically, just him seeing you is reason enough for him to stab you. This guy should have a warning label tattoo'd on his forhead. But, then the third Largo might like Luigi's new face too much and decide to take it for himself.

Pavi Largo: The women love him, even though his face changes daily

Pavi with his newest face

Well, atleast he doesn't stab everyone. Only pretty girls. But it's not really stabbing. Just...cutting and peeling. It's a compliment to them, really. Wouldn't you be flattered if a man thought your face was just so beautiful that he wanted it for his own? No? Well then you're a stuck up bitch.

After he finds a new face he brings it back to GeneCo's nurses,the GenTerns (Aka, the only female sex appeal in the movie besides Paris) and they clip the skin onto his face.


GeneCo gives out loans to people who can't afford surgery. Of course, like with any sort of loan, there are a few tiny risks. Such as, what happens if you can't afford to pay back your loan. Then they send in the RepoMan, who peacefully solves all the problems by ripping out your fucking organs. Yeah, you read that right. Can't pay back the money they loaned you for that heart surgery? Well then the RepoMan ties you down, stabs you in the chest, and rips GeneCo's property right back out of you. Which brings up the good question, what kind of sick fuck chooses being a RepoMan as their career?

Don't put your hand inside me like that! Only my girlfriend has permission to do that!

There's something for the ladies to enjoy, too!


His O face

His pedo face

Need I say more? Well, I will anyways. He takes a syringe and sucks the glowing blue chemicals out of corpses brains. Then sells it to Amber and all the other addicts. Yeah, the main drug of the future is glowing-dead-brain-snot.