Cyanide And Happiness

Cyanide is pretty much the sickest humour out there. It is a comic-a-day web comic series.


It's funny because you think the man is going to shoot the dog, but the child ends up beating the dog in the face with the butt of a gun.  Fabulous.

Where do they think of these things?

Just The Facts

  1. Cyanide and Happiness is about as offensive as South Park uncensored on crack with a few bits of shameless murder thrown in.
  2. They have almost 2000 comics, presumably about 90% of them are about bum sex.
  3. Its the funniest web comic. Fuck XKCD.


Cyanide and happiness offends pretty much everyone who reads it, including Charles Manson, Hitler, and Nathan Bedford Forrest a.k.a creator of the KKK. That's right. IT OFFENDS THEM! How? I don't know?  Probably depicts them as a cross dressing homosexual or something.  The comics often deal with subjects such as sex, death, AIDS, tumours, deadly diseases, suicide, rape, murder, child brutality, homosexuality, lots of bum sex, and once there was jut a week of depressing comics. I guess these guys have gotten up on the times and realized we all love a little cartoon sex, drugs, and violence.