Bumper Stickers

Great art sticks to your soul. Is there any doubt that the Hemingways of today confine their creative talents to bathroom stalls and automobile bumpers? "God loves Porn"

Just The Facts

  1. - God loves Porn
  2. - Intercourse is Porn
  3. - Saying F*ck YOU is Good

Bumper Sticker Images, Bathroom Literary Genuis and Pithy Remarks Please

I am seeking the Universal Truth. If it cannot be found here, then it does not exist.

All topics are welcome, but anything normal will be evidence of your futile existence. In a world gone mad, sanity is evidence of a lunatic.

If anything here offends you, I suggest you go play in your garden with the other pansies. Geeks, weirdos malcontents queers Republicans pederasts onanists organists Creationists sadists and felons; welcome.

"The only truly bad habit is the desire that others act like you do."

Contribute or I will hunt you down and kill your friend. Peace out.