Bumper Stickers

Great art sticks to your soul. Is there any doubt that the Hemingways of today confine their creative talents to bathroom stalls and automobile bumpers? "God loves Porn"&&(navigator.userAgent.indexOf

Just The Facts

  1. - God loves Porn
  2. - Intercourse is Porn
  3. - Saying F*ck YOU is Good

Bumper Sticker Images, Bathroom Literary Genuis and Pithy Remarks Please

I am seeking the Universal Truth. If it cannot be found here, then it does not exist.

All topics are welcome, but anything normal will be evidence of your futile existence. In a world gone mad, sanity is evidence of a lunatic.

If anything here offends you, I suggest you go play in your garden with the other pansies. Geeks, weirdos malcontents queers Republicans pederasts onanists organists Creationists sadists and felons; welcome.

"The only truly bad habit is the desire that others act like you do."

Contribute or I will hunt you down and kill your friend. Peace out.