George Foreman Grill

The George Foreman Grill is the Chuck Norris of kitchen appliances.

George Foreman's magic 8 ball has only one answer.

Just The Facts

  1. The George Foreman Grill is a lean, mean, fat-reducing grilling machine.
  2. It has sold nearly 100,000,000 grills since its debut.
  3. Everything tastes better with grill marks. (see Fig. 1)

Cultural Importance

See George. See George sell. Sell, George, SELL!

The George Foreman Grill is an electric grill endorsed by former boxing champion George Foreman, who you may remember from his renowned career selling grills. With its retard-proof, dorm-friendly technology, the Foreman grill played an important role in human evolution by relegating one of man's previous inventions -- fire -- completely obsolete. This liberated humankind from drooling, hunchbacked neanderthal to stately, upright consumer of finely grill-marked foods.

No one knows where the George Foreman Grill came from, or how it works. Foremost scientific opinion in this area suggests that it was forged in the fires of Mount Doom, the only place the grill can be destroyed.

One grill to rule them all.

One grill to rule them all.

Fig. 1: Grill Marks

grill marks

Conclusion: The number of grill marks present in any meal is directly proportional to the magnitude of flavorgasm you can expect to experience during consumption. Grill marks provide 100% of your daily deliciousness and are high in awesome. It is therefore in your best interest to eat more grill marks. GRILL MARKS!


The George Foreman Grill is the only kitchen appliance you will ever need (ever) by virtue of its many unique features not available on conventional grills. They include:

Exterior: The shiny, smooth dome of the George Foreman Grill is modeled after George Foreman's signature head-style.

dome chart

Foreman Grill today

fro grill

Foreman Grill prototype c. 1970

Non-stick surface: The non-stick grilling plates eliminate the need for oil, butter or other fatty lubricants, one of the grill's trademark health features that should be disregarded at all costs. For safety reasons, Cracked recommends coating the upper and lower plates liberally with cheese and lubricating all fatties properly before use.

Sloped angle: The gentle slope of the grill "knocks out the fat" like Big George does his boxing opponents, which we presume means battering the fat unconscious until it oozes limply out of the cheese-coated grill onto the canvas. After a count of ten, it's cool to drizzle the fat back onto whatever you're cooking.

The sloped angle of the grill also makes it exceedingly difficult to cook any kind of round food. Paninis? Easy. Vegetables? Naturally. Sausages and hot dogs? Have fun picking them up off the floor.

Spatula: Foreman grills come with two plastic spatulas that you will lose or melt within the first week of ownership.

Drip Tray: Currently, Foreman grills come with drip trays to catch the fat as it is pummeled out of unsuspecting food. However, we prefer the advanced fat-drainage system envisioned by Futurama.

"With its patented design, the fat drains directly into my mouth."

"With its patented design, the fat drains directly into my mouth."

Knockin' Out the Fat

The Foreman Grill's patented design "Knocks Out the Fat" like Ali knocked out... uh, nevermind... allowing it to slide easily out of the grill and onto your kitchen counter or floor. (Admit it, you lost the drip tray even quicker than those flimsy, ridiculous spatulas.)

Fat hits back.

Ironically, this is what the grill does to fat.

This trademarked boxing reference is the tenuous thread of logic that links a heavyweight champion boxer with this wavy electric griddle. If Hulk Hogan had endorsed the grill, as he has claimed he could have, the grill would either Atomic Leg Drop the fat, or lecture the fat about eating its vitamins after injecting HGH in the dressing room.

For whatever reason, that didn't happen, and the current slogan has spawned a web TV show, "Knock Out The Fat with George." On the show, contenders vie to lose the most weight on a Foreman-grilled diet. We presume they accomplish this by eating the many healthy foods that the official Foreman Grill product selector features, like pizza, waffles, bacon and steak.