Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki is a world famous hipster DJ. He is japanese America. He is also awesome.


Just The Facts

  1. Steve Aoki is a hipster DJ.
  2. Steve Aoki has his own brand/label named "DIM MAK"
  3. Steve Aoki was born on November 30th 1977. This makes him a Saggitarius born in the year of the snake.

Stuff About Steve.

Steve aoki is an electronic music producer/DJ. He grew up in Newport Beach, California despite being born in Miami.

He was also a special character in 2 NBA games; despite the fact that he's not anywhere near as awesome at basketball as he is at making music

He also made a stellar intergalactic appearance in SUPERNEWS...

DIM MAK! [clothing]

Steve Aoki: The Music.

Steve Aoki specializes in electro-house (otherwise known as techno-y) music.

He has a boatload of awesome songs, but here are just a few. Take a listen. Although its addictive, its good for you, too :]

Warp 7.7

Bloc Party


A mix of Control By Metro Station that Steve Aoki mixed with DJ Kris P