Darkwing Duck

He was Disney's first full fledged super hero and a bad ass as well. Disney's latest bad ass is named Miley Cyrus, dating a 21 year old guy. Less on the bad ass part and more towards illegal and immoral. Anywho, here he is...Darkwing Duck!

You either become a hero or stay on the air long enough to work for Disney...

Just The Facts

  1. He has Launchpad McQuack as a sidekick. He's either a duck with a big heart or he has a deathwish.
  2. Darkwing Duck was part of the mega cartoon block known as the Disney Afternoon. Cartoons nowadays couldn't carry those Disney cartoons' jocks.
  3. It was one of two spin offs from "Duck Tales", the other being Quack Pack with Huey, Dewie, and Louie. Yeah...I forgot about it up until recently myself too.

A Vigilante That Perdue Can Admire

When viewing a crime in progress, unlike others that would call 911, wait for 30 minutes yelling at an automated system and eventually give up, mild mannered Drake Mallard donned a dark purple costume and risked his own life to protect the poor, unfortunate citizens of St. Canard from the scourge of cartoony evil. Surrounded by his friends, who seem more adept to be added to his rogues gallery, Darkwing Duck struck terror or at least a sense of reasonable panic in the hearts of evil anthropromorphic villains everywhere.


While some caped crusaders' parents were murdered by a drug crazed thug...or a future crazed criminal...(damn the retconning!)...Drake Mallard strikes out against the criminals of his city trying to become rich and famous, bumbling through combat while being completely oblivious to important things while somehow getting lucky enough to save the day. Outfitted with a super cool hoverjet called the Thunderquack and a motorcyle called the Ratcatcher, he too stalks the night searching for the element of crime in soci....

Wait a minute. What the hell did he do for a living? The Dark Knight inherited a boatload of dough yet Darkwing Duck has his own secret lair under his house. There's a bit of exposition that might have been helpful, but I guess that just adds to the mystery of the character. Hmm.

Assistance? Disability from an on the job accident? A kick ass 401K? How the hell do you afford a hoverjet?!


Looks real sweet, right? As soon as Drake adopted her, the property values went down in his neighborhood due to this miscreant with pigtails in her hair and unparalleled malice in her heart. She frequently busts up the duck's house and gets into trouble ala most precocious kids in cartoons but instead of going all Hulk on her, Drake doles out a half hearted punishment or she ends up saving his life and they call it even. Of course, she knows his secret identity, so he can't get too strict.

It would be in your best interest to NOT deny me dessert...I'm just sayin'...

She also doubles as the super hero known as Quiverwing Quack, who despite her annoying presence actually is several levels better than having a panythose clad kid named after a red bird hanging around pounding his hand into his fist.

Arrows and a demeanor that would put fear into death row inmates > Holy *insert blurb* Batman and a green speedo


All right, look. How the hell is one supposed to be positive when you have a sidekick like this nimitz? He crashes planes for a living and if you are a bumbling hero, he will simply add to your bumbling ratio, guaranteeing you will fail in your endeavors. Given, when the Dark Knight's butler got involved in non-butling matters, he'd be more of a problem for the first half of the damned show but in his defense, he didn't crash the limousine into the garage parking it! What reason would you have for keeping this individual around?

Taken out of context, but it would explain why Darkwing hadn't killed him by now


Pitied by his parents, stepped on by his troglodite like older brother, Honker makes friends with juvenile delinquent Gosalyn Mallard and gets the job of following her around and warning how bad something will turn out of she does it, at no point grabbing a blunt object and threatening to stop her from getting into mischief but instead following her into said trouble. But his smarts, denoted by the gigantic glasses over his eyes are usually called on to get Darkwing and his friends out of trouble.

He knows Darkwing's secret identity too.

Winner of the Friz Freleng Award For Inability To Keep Your F-ing Identity Secret. Good job.

Villains...Or As Villainous As Disney Gets

Squaring off with Darkwing was a group of criminals that possessed actual abilities that our stalwart hero did not and for lord knows what reason, they were unable to put the heroic pheasant under permanent glass.


Now THIS guy was bad ass himself, leader of his own criminal organization who offed Gosalyn's grandfather for an invention that he wanted but granpa wouldn't fork over. He almost succeeded in having the red headed little urchin eliminated by a trained hawk of his.

He has a hawk that's trained to kill...in a Disney cartoon...and he whacked her grandpa.
THIS guy should've been the one to wipe Darkwing off of the map until a "final battle" explosion killed him.


Arriving fromt the Negaverse where everyone in that universe was inheritently evil, the exact opposite of Darkwing Duck wants to carve a vicious path through St.Canard, craving to be public enemy number one and willing to cause large amounts of destruction to achieve that goal. Despite being the polar opposite of Darkwing, whereas Darkwing's ego and obliviousness causes him to screw up, Negaduck's thirst for violence can divert him from achieving those goals and gives him yet another goose egg in the victory column.


As it usually ends up, brilliant inventor bullied by some moron trying to get a laugh but nearly killing the guy, the villain called Megavolt has the ability to absorb and project electricity, which is pretty kick ass until you factor in that several parts of his brain were fried. And he now believes that most electrical appliances and conveyances are being "enslaved" by mankind.

That's old fashioned crazy. Hard to find that anymore. Let's move on.


Trying to corner the market in the "Psychotic Cartoons In The Afternoon" department, Quackerjack used to be a toymaker that when run out of business by a rival toymaker, strikes out to stick up the city for money to make his toys. A fairly reasonable response to your competition outdoing you. Word has it that Jack In The Box put a hit out on both Ronald McDonald AND The Burger King until Wendy called all the heads of the families together and formed a truce.


Born of self experimentation and a thirst for revenge against rival scientists that made fun of him, the now half plant / half duck with the ability to control plants reigned terror over St. Carnard while also pursuing an unfulfilled crush on fellow scientist Rhoda Dendron. (Wow. Subtlety, Disney.) But even with gigantic mutant potatoes or the ever popular overszied Venus Flytrap, the plant mutate somehow failed to stop Darkwing Duck.

He knew the giant man eating potato was a bad idea. But he's crazy, so no one listens.

Despite an apparent lack of focus and thanks to a whole hell of a lot of luck, the adventurous Darkwing Duck is successful at the end of the day and even though we can speculate on where the hell this guy gets or how he pays for his wonderful toys, if we're ever traveling through the town of St. Canard, we know that we can walk the streets safely at night.

Though getting in before dark is a pretty safe bet too.