Professor X

Professor X is the leader of the X-Men and among the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe

Just The Facts

  1. Professor X is paralyzed from the waist down because reading people's minds can't help you walk
  2. Professor X is comically called "Wheels" once in the first X-Men movie and sadly is not called as such again
  3. Professor X is one of the most powerful telepaths in the world. Meaning every time you think about sex, he knows


Professor X is considered to be among the most powerful telepaths in all of the marvel universe. This means that he can read your deepest thoughts, can tell each and every one of your darkest desires and can convince you of alterations to the reality you had previously accepted. This power has aided him in his missions with the X-Men, in his goal of mutant equality and in many unaccounted attempts of implanting ideas of attraction to himself in attractive females.

"That Professor X has a sweet booty...yes..."

Role in the X-Men

Professor X has served as the leader of the X-Men since their conception. He created the team after opening his school for gifted youngsters which serves as a front for the mutant training facility he has created. Being the only disabled member of the X-Men, Professor X rarely joins the team on their missions. He more frequently offers them advice from the base.

Do my bidding! Mr. Wuzzles commands it!

Though Professor X is rarely seen in the comic series kicking ass and taking names that is not to say he is without ability or use. He is the sole cause of most of the X-Men coming to full realization of their powers and he has also saved the entire planet's population on more than one occasion by battling off powerful and vastly evil psychic entities. He was once even forced to do battle with one of his own X-Men when Jean Grey became the Dark Phoenix and threatened to kill every living thing on the planet.

Pictured: What Xavier Saved You From...damn him...