Drinking Games

Drinking games are a fantastic way to get ragingly intoxicated in a social setting thus freeing you of the crushing depression that comes with drinking alone

Doing this has made me twice as awesome!

Just The Facts

  1. Drinking games are commonly hosted at institutes of higher learning
  2. Drinking games frequently are used as means of proving manhood
  3. At their base, drinking games serve as an excuse for vastly embarssing hook-ups

What's this all About?

Drinking games serve a singular purpose, letting as many frat boys as can fit in the garage/basement/den of misery drink as much as possible as a way of showing how incredibly awesome they are. In actuality these sophomoric shows of alcohol tolerance (read: awesomeness at 8 out of 10 major colleges) are simply an excuse to get as ragingly intoxicated as is possible in a short period of time while hiding under the premise of game which the parental units footing the tuition bill will likely associate with Monopoly, Chess, or a particularly stirring game of Parcheesi. At least these "games" will frequently lead to an improvement in your wonderful dance moves.

When I'm not at this club, I'm Michael Flatley

Many drinking games are strictly based upon chance, however, there are several that require a great deal of honed skills in order to best a cunning opponent. These game quickly turn into nothing more than players using any means necessary to distract their adversary from the object of the game.

You're lustfully gazing at those red cups, aren't you? Those naughty little red cups....


Beer Pong:

The most commonly known drinking game amongst collegiate frat boys is beer pong. There are a few variants to the game itself but for the most part it consists of 4 people all throwing ping pong balls in an attempt to land them in an opposing players cup while screaming "I dipped my balls in your drink!" at variant decibals depending on how many games preceded the one in question.

Not Pictured: Anyone You'll Ever Play Beer Pong Against

Not Pictured: Anyone Who Will Ever Play Beer Pong With You

Flippy Cup or Flip Cup:

Another common game amongst the dregs of higher education is Flippy Cup. The object of the game is to develop the skill of flipping a single red plastic cup into the air and after a single rotation having it land on its end on top of the alcohol splattered table which ironically is what your date will likely be doing as well.

I flip cups so well, I require a glove to contain my glory.

Movie Drinking Games

The best of the best of drinking games falls into the film category. And people said you wasted that education on a film degree, you were simply wasted the whole time. Foolish friends, family and concerned members of the general public.

Though the rules vary greatly in this genre the premise is always the same. Sit on your ass and watch a movie while guzzling Nat Ice every time someone says a particular word, a character does a particular action, an object is seen, I'm sure you're getting the picture by now.

The point being not only to get ragingly intoxicated, but to thoroughly enjoy a movie that will be properly coupled with a drug that crushes millions of lives per year.

Giving "I wish I could quit you" new meaning.