Stand Up Comedians

The poor loveless nerds you made fun of back in high school except famous! (kinda) and popular! (not really)

or theyre funny enough to get a TV show and a movie in the same year (if not kinda dull)

or if theyre well known (if not exactly for stand up comedy

Just The Facts

  1. Stand up comedians do NOT get laid
  2. Theyre not rich
  3. And off stage theyre not that interesting
  4. We fuckin love 'em anyway

From the stage to...being obscure and unknown for a the silver screen!

Stand up comedians are like rockstars, just without the drugs, the women or the fans. But for some reason theyre popular as hell these days. Comedy Central (its like cracked TV except less awesome) airs almost nothing but stand up all day. And hell, stand up comedians even got a whole movie made about them

In reality...

Stand up is the kind of thing you watch on TV when theres nothing else on, and you only see it live when its open mic night and the bars are closed because its sunday. The only really good comedy comes from the internet *wink*