Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson is a accomplished musician........HA HA HA Okay let me start this over. Ashlee Simpson is the 2nd hottest Simpson sister and considering there is only two the odds are in her favor.

This is what Joe Simpson's dreams look like, only Ashlee has a bag over her head

What Beautiful eyes you have! What? Oh I meant Your tits by that comment

Congrats You've married a Douchebag......not sure which way thats Directed

Just The Facts

  1. Ashlee was Living in the shadow.......of her sisters huge tits
  2. Ashlee despite what her wikipedia says is not a very good dancer. *See SNL Clip
  3. Ashlee is not as hot as Jessica but I would still like to have sex with her.....But only after I asked twice if Jessica was around
  4. Ashlee's husband has shown his wang on the net but she has only shown half a nipple C'MON!!!
  5. Ashlee Has Had plastic surgery...... FUCKING DUH

Life and Times......

This crazy little bitch started off a musical journey by hiring her father as a manager. Being a fan of the lighting strikes twice theroy.....I have never heard of said theroy myself but Joe believes it and if its good enough for Joe than its good for the WORLD.

Joe hooked his unwanted birth up with a reality televison show on MTV to show her and her everday struggles with writing an album and being Punk Rock.


This Pretty Much sums up the whole show

The show's sucess showed how fucking stupid the youth of today are and rocked the Young Simpson's Debut Album "AutoBiography" to number one. The album included alot of shitty songs, but people wanted more of NOT Jessica. This led to a nice gig playing SNL, Wanna know how that fucking ace in the hole turned out?


Not Very fucking good,what was'nt shown was that FOX news actually takes a dig at her. You know it's fucking shitty when FOX NEWS takes a shot at You!

This rock and roll train wreck ain't over yet kids..........Anybody remember The orange Bowl show? Let's roll the video...................


How In the hell did this poor girl not wanna blow her fucking head off after this?

Eventually  Life calmed down for ashlee after this, she still countinued to release shitty albums but at least she was'nt in our face about it. Nowadays Our hero is settled down with Fall Out Fag......(not at all creative give me a fucking break) Pete Wentz. They had a son and named it after a Gargoyle BRONX,if you are too young to remember this show You may wanna look it up.

Ashlee is going soon be rocking her shit out in Melrose Place 2009.