Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Do you remember that guy from Knocked Up? The one that was trying to hit on Debbie? Well Forgetting Sarah Marshall is him tearing shit up. (And crying like a woman).

Just The Facts

  1. Released in 2008.
  2. The film stars Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell. Every nerd reading this just came in their pants.
  3. This one of few times I've watched Russell Brand and not wanted to murder him violently.
  4. The film features many members of the Knocked Up and 40 Year old virgin cast.
  5. They needed the work.

Cracked on Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

What would you do if Your girlfriend left you for a bushy-haired-Rockstar? Ask for an autograph, NO! You follow them to Hawaii like a freaky stalker. And so this is the story of that guy from Knocked Up. Dumped by his girlfriend he goes to the aforementioned land of Sun, Sand and those little umbrella drinks to get over her. The only problem is that her and her boyfriend are also there. On the upside he meets the cute receiptionist but doesn't attempt any sexual advances, but stays in his room and cries, Like a woman.

After meeting the entire cast of Knocked Up in various forms, A stoned Surfer, An overzealous Consiglierge and a Crazed brother. Peter hears that Sarah's show, a CSI type show, has been cancelled, probably because it sucked and had William Baldwin in it. Peter attempts to comfort Sarah in the best way possible. By giving her hot naked love.

Oh Yeah.

Being the hound-dog he is Peter has also gave Rachael some of that Hot naked love. In between all this are bouts of Boar killing followed by more crying and Peter getting thrown around by three different guys, obviously jealous the didn't get any hot naked love. I'm finished.

Peter dreams of having his Dracula themed musical becoming a success, yes, a Dracula themed Musical. After having an argument with Rachel he goes home. Unbelievably the musical is a success.

A 30 year old man who likes puppets. Not weird at all.

Rachel, hearing of Peter's success, goes to see him for her share of the profits, or to apologize. Who gives a fuck? So they kiss and make up, and so ends the story of Peter. A story of Christians have sex, Huala fish and Forgetful surfers, and of course losing love and falling in love, It almost brings a tear to my eye. Almost but no.