That Guy With The Glasses

In a world of shitty, shitty movies, here's a man who dares to jump into it. Jump into it, and beat the living shit out of it by pointing out all its flaws. We salute you, That Guy With The Glasses.

Just The Facts

  1. That Guy With The Glasses started off as 2 youtube channels, 5 second movies and the Nostalgia Critic. They had to create their own site due to youtube being a bitch about it.
  2. TGWTG was the starting key for the site "Channel Awesome".
  3. TGWTG hosts other reviewers, such as the Nostalgia Chick, Angry Joe, That Chick With The Goggles, and the list goes on for miles.

Cracked on That Guy (with Glasses)

In a world on reviewers, Doug Walker is the only one that can do it. Do it, with multiple personality disorder. How else do you explain him reviewing as three characters, each with completely different traits?

The face of a mad man.

With several hundred different reviews under his hat, Doug has show that reviewing can be quite entertaining, hilarious, and somewhat educational. Starting up reviewing was no easy task, with his YouTube videos getting taken down due to copyright, but he was still widely popular with such successful video series as:

Ask that guy with the glasses

Little known fact: that book is the first Karma Sutra. Of goats.

"Ask That Guy" is a question-answer series where he would take questions, and find the most disturbing answer for it. While being entirely correct, he always says "there is no such thing as a stupid question, until you ask it."

"That's a very good question. Actually, no it isn't. This is the worst
question I've been ever asked. You're an idiot."

Author's choice: Episode 23


Bum Reviews

a bum
Wait, I didn't know I could read. WHAT IS WRONG HERE?"

No one is quite sure how a bum is able to watch brand new movies in Chicago. Either way, he manages to sneak in and tell us everything that happens (even if he doesn't want to give away anything). Notable reviews include Star Trek (Which is the greatest movie he's seen in his life.), Coraline (Which is the greatest movie he's seen in his life.), and Batman: The Dark Knight (Which is the greatest movie he's seen in his life. I mean, Jesus).

"There's this guy, named Erroar, who makes these cool topics for the intermahnets!"

Author's choice: Twilight


The Nostalgia Critic

"He remembers it so you don't have to. And never will, in 5 seconds."

The Nostalgia Critic reviews things that are nostalgic. That being said, it's obvious his favorite movie is Citizen Kane (of which he compares to often) and has a plentiful amount of inside jokes for fans to enjoy. Noteworthy episodes here include Captain Planet, Fued with The Angry Video Game Nerd, and The Top 11 Nostalgic Mindfucks.

Above: A list of good movies. In white text.

Author's Choice: Sidekicks Review


5 Second Movies

The best way to do five second movies is to show you all of them, in 5 seconds.