Mike Patton

Mike Patton has been a part of about 1/3 of every popular music acts of the past 25 years. Oh yeah and he also happens to be all genres of badass. If Chuck Norris could sing his name would be Michael Allen Patton.

Not Pictured: Charles Bronson.  G.G. Allin.  Jesus.

Just The Facts

  1. Patton is best known for lending his vocal talent to the rock band Faith No More.
  2. He has recently gotten his foot in the door of the movie and video game industries, lending his voice to lead characters, robots, and monsters.
  3. Although his birthdate is listed as January 27, 1968, it is widely believed that he was created on the 8th day.

The Man

Born and raised in Northern California, Mike Patton formed the ultra-influential metal melting pot outfit Mr. Bungle at the age when you were getting your hands on your first x-rated VHS. Since then he has spead his seed onto a number of other varying and altogether awesome music projects, most notably Faith No More.

Oh and he thinks that WolfMother is a buncha pussies:

...That man makes a hell of a point.

Mr. Bungle

As stated above, Mr. Bungle was Patton's first act. Wikipedia mentions that the group incorporates no less than 26 musical genres and for all that's packed into those first Mr. Bungle albums, it was only a taste of what was to come. They also constantly feuded with the Red Hot Chili Peppers because, well, who doesn't want to punch Anthony Keidis in the face? The sweetest aspect of the feud was when Mr. Bungle would mock RHCP by imitating injecting heroin on stage. Beyond class.

Faith No More

In 1988 Mike Patton joined on as lead singer for Faith No More replacing Chuck Mosely who apparently didn't have a scrote massive enough to front such an awesome band (which makes you wonder why they opted for Mosely over Courtney Love in the first place). As has been mentioned twenty times already Faith No More was the most widely successful of Patton's ventures. With its ball crushing riffs from Jim Martin and Patton's voice it's easy to see why. I defy you to listen to a Faith No More album and not feel like punching grampa in the junk.


Some describe Fantomas as avant-garde metal. Some describe it as shit-your-pants creepy. To be honest their album Director's Cut, which includes covers of the themes from many horror and suspense movies, could be described as brilliant and poignant. But the third album DelIrium Cordia is basically an hour and 15 minutes of a surgery minus the anesthesia. It's hard to listen to this without wanting to cry/call your mother.


Lovage was Patton's project with Dan the Automator and Jennifer Charles of Elysian Fields. This sexy little project is very interesting in its ability to induce boners.

Bionic Commando

Mike Patton also helped bring together a remake/sequel of the old NES game Bionic Commando and also voiced the protagonist, Nathan Spencer. This was one of the most badass video games of 2009. What else did you expect?

Left 4 Dead

Did I say one of the best video games of 2009? Make that 2008 and 2009. He did also voice these mean sumbitches.