Sienna Miller

There's quite literally loads! I could say about sienna miller.....

Just The Facts

  1. She's a woman...
  2. She's British...
  3. She's suposedly an actress


Well. What can I say about her acting. It's... er.... what can I say? She's been in some great films...... her first one being the high rated 'south kensington'.... from there she went onto make films such as the greatest remake ever 'Alfie'.... and Guy Ritchies best ever film 'Layer cake'.... Upcoming she has the highly rated and never put down 'GI Joe'. She also has done the voice of darcy in the animated film 'Kis Vuk'. Check out the ratings for that accomlishment

Recently was cast as maid marian in Robin Hood and Stephanie Necrophuros in Nine but was dropped in favour of Cate Blanchett in Robin Hood and Kate Hudson in Nine. Obviously low time directors Rob Marshall and Ridley Scott didn't see her amazing acting talents.


As of July 11th 2009, Sienna Miller is an accompished driver, having passed her driving test. Well done Sienna.

Soooooo, what else has she done?

Got her tits out in Amalfy Coast with her boy friend and in films such as the mysteries of pittsburgh, the edge of love, the factory girl, layer cake and alfie.... hmmm. May have to watch them....

She has a fashion company called Twenty8Twelve which is named after her birthday (Incase she forgets).

Before acting she was a model and has modelled for coca cola, pepe jeans, hugo boss and more.