Music has been changed from generation to generation. Here we will see what generation sucked most.

A drawing showing how musicians looked like in the past.

A photo of a musician circa 2010

Just The Facts

  1. The definition of music consists of pleasent sounds and actual singing.
  2. That criteria has fallen to the level of rap music .
  3. QED there's a very slim chance music will ever be the same.

Music in the past

Rock on, Dad

Music, up to the 1950s, was dire. It had rythm, melody, and sometimes actual words you could repeat to your granny without getting punched in the face - totally pathetic in other words.

Big Band, Jazz, Blues, Orchestra, even Opera - all had a devoted following of more or less normal looking fans, desperate for their musical fix.

The 50's

Music nowadays

The 60's

The 70's

The 80's

The 90's

Modern crap

Unlike the days before, this era of musics for real (and we mean it this time). Not only that today anyone (and we really mean anyone) can become a musician, but he can become famous for not becoming a musician. To not confuse anyone, by that we mean that even if you give it a shot and crash in flames, other people will find the way your crash amusing and they will adore you (the more you suck, the more they'll love you) and they will keep your "performance" in their little mobile phones, but hey, you'll even manage to make money off that!

No matter how much you don't want it to, music will dictate fashion in a lot of ways. The more retarded the music, the more retarded the fashion, and boy, this music is goat shit retarded.

Today you can see a lot of guys and girls dressing bad, although that kind of fashion is modern, so in their ranks it's considered good. When you see some douchebags dressing like douchebags, you'll know they do that because douchebags in douchy boy bands dress like douchebags, so the douchebaggery level is highly contagious (among other yet-to-become douches).

You can also notice other people who dress like this:

Don't let him fool you. He is not a douchebag. He is a straight (more like homosexual) idiot. Other comments aren't necessary.

But enough about clothes. You see, when we say modern crap, we don't think just about Rap music. We mean anything that doesn't posses any certain quality, like stupid boy bands, where all they do is draw teenager's attention.

A music genre can lack quality all it want to, but there is one thing we have to respect: Other people's taste. There is truly no point in trolling about music we don't like. If there are wide masses who listen to it, here's nothing we could and should do to change it.