Electric Guitar

The Electric Guitar is probably the most well known instrument in the world, and makes it easy for pretty much anyone to look 'cool.'

With an electric guitar, Even this douche attains low levels of 'cool'

Just The Facts

  1. Pluck strings to make music. Probably bad music, but that's not the point.
  2. Anyone can play the electric guitar! Provided you're not handicapped, you don't have bad hand eye coordination, don't lack focus, and you've practiced for years, know some simple riffs, and don't play stairway to heaven.
  3. Makes removing panties simple for anyone. Even you!

Rockstar User's Guide

Basic Rockstar Guide

Bands such as Kiss, Nickleback, and AC/DC employ basic Electric guitar techniques, with lots of show-y moves to appear that they are very talented. Do not be deceived.


Creators of the Electric Guitar

The Electric Guitar as it is most commonly known was brought into popularity by Leo Fender and Les Paul. Les Paul pretty much created modern music, not only did he invent one of the most popular electric guitars, but he also invented alot of recording techniques, such as multi-track recording, so each instrument could be recorded solo and it could all be pieced together. So we can thank him for that, but, also because of multi-track recording, The Black Eyed Peas can record stuff with minimal effort, and that's just not acceptable.

Boom Boom Pow!