Pacific Blue

Writer 1: "What if we ripped-off Baywatch, but with cops?" Writer 2: "But how could we compete with cops show with good writers?" Writer 1: "We add bicycles." And the rest is easily forgettable television history.

How television shows usually are made.

Just The Facts

  1. Pacific Blue lasted 5 seasons between 1996 and 2000, and aired on USA Network
  2. Between season 3 and 4 the show underwent changes to atract more horny teenag...uhm, viewers.
  3. Pacific Blue is to NYPD Blue what Baywatch Nights was to X-Files.
  4. Working as a bicycle cop you will investigate murders, bring down drug rings, go undercover, take down South American illegal arms dealers and much more.
  5. 27% of an average Pacific Blue episode consists of random shots of hot women in bikinis.

Cracked on Pacific Blue

We like to imagine that the idea behind Pacific Blue originated while Bill Nuss was trying to decide he should watch Baywatch or NYPD Blue and thought to himself: "I wish someone could combine the poor writing and hot babes of Baywatch with the crime solving plots of NYPD Blue". We imagine that he then stroked his beard and looked into the air, taking an artistic pause before it hit him. "Wait a second, I know how to write poor television, I do that for a living, I could write that show", and then he did.

The show followed the officers from Santa Monica Police Department while they patroled the beaches of Santa Monica on bicycles for five seasons of moderate success before being canceled. It was however very popular in Europe, especialy in France and Scandinavia. The show is still, for unknown reasons, wildly popular in Norway where reruns have aired every summer since the shows cancellation. In fact, when they decided to not show it in 2007 the television network was bombed with e-mails from furious fans who demanded the show back on. It has returned every summer since.

When TV Guide in 2002 put up their list of the 50 Worst TV Shows of All Time Pacific Blue somehow managed to avoid being mentioned. The world has still not coped with the shock.


T.C. Callaway

T.C, or Wendell Terrence as he never goes by, is the closest thing the show comes to a main character. He was originally part of the young sexy drive force of Pacific Blue, but after season 3 he was promoted to Lieutenant and started spending more time in his office than out in the field. While it was never addressed he was most likely allergic to shirts because he almost never wore one. In season 4 he married long time girlfriend and fellow officer Chris Kelly, by the beginning of season 5 the love was gone and before the season was half finished their marriage was over. When the show ended T.C. was addicted to painkillers and he might have been the father of Cory's unborn child.

After Pacific Blue actor Jim Davidson hasn't done much leaving Pacific Blue as the highlight of his short and, considering the previous statement, sad acting career. He also tried making it in the music business with his Christian pop album, As Long As I Have You, in 2003. Today he works as an accountant and owns a garage in Los Angeles.

Cory McNamara

Cory is the only character to appear in every single episode of the show, making her and T.C. the only characters to survive both periods of Pacific Blue. She was so by the book that she made Columbo look like Dirty Harry. She get romantically involved with both Bobby Cruz and T.C. When the show ends she is pregnant and doesn't know who the father of her baby is, what a slut.

Outside of Pacific Blue Paula Trickey has guest starred in some of the worst shows ever to air on television including Renegade, Walker, Texas Ranger and Baywatch. Her only one theatrical appearance to date is in Maniac Cop 2, also starring Bruce Campbell. She was also the Miss Teen All-American Pageant runner-up in 1985, loosing to the, now, slightly more famous Halle Berry.

Chris Kelly

Chris is the final character to technically survive the entire series, she appeared in the first and last episode, but missed out several episodes in season 4 and 5. Between season 3 and 4 she took a 180 degree turn, in season 3 she wanted to marry T.C, have kids and settle down. The in the 4th season they married and suddenly she couldn't care less about children, and eventually she left T.C to pursue a career with the FBI.

Darlene Vogel is one of two actors to have starred in anything worth watching, outside of Pacific Blue, with her role in Angel 4: Undercover. Well, that and she also played Back to the Future Part 2. After Pacific Blue she fell into the made-for-television ditch and still lies there.

Victor Del Toro

Victor was the shows original minority character, every cop show has a minority character: 21 Jump Street, Dustin Nguyen (Asian), The Wire, half the cast (African American), CSI: Miami, David Caruso (Mentally Handicapped). Victor appeared in the first three season and left the show after he got kicked of the force for going batshit insane when his fiancee got killed. He returned in one episode of season 4, only to killed off.

When judging an actors career there are several things that must be taken into consideration, one of these is the number of made-for-TV movies starring Stephen Bladwin the actor has co-starred in. For Marcos A. Ferraez that number is two, for an actor who wants to be taken seriously that's two too many. So in the years after Pacific Blue Ferraez has mostly appeared in made-for-TV movies, some starring Stephen Baldwin, and some direct-to-video movies, also starring Stephen Baldwin. He most recently appeared as EMT #2 in My Sister's Keeper, not starring Stephen Baldwin. So there may be hope for him.

Tony Palermo

Lieutenant Palermo was the man running the show in the first three seasons, you could tell he was the authority person because he was older than the others. He was also a single parent for his teenage daughter Jessie, whom he might have been a little over protective for. At the end of season 3 Palermo retired and moved to Italy to deal with his midlife crisis. Probably trough boning young Italian chicks.

Rossovich is perhaps the only actor to have somewhat of a career outside of Pacific Blue, with movies like The Terminator, Roxanne and Top Gun on his resume he was quite big in the 80s. In 1998 he quit show to work on his movie career. He has made 1 feature film in the 11 years that has passed. Rossovich is also not so famous for, but he still is, the brother of former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Tim Rossovich.

Monica Harper

Monica Harper was played by Shanna Moakler, this is Shanna Moakler.

During the shows run she went undercover as amongst others a prostitute and a stripper, and posed for Playpen Magazine. You now know how the show stayed on the air for 5 seasons.

Russ Granger

Russ signed up for the bike police by a mistake, believing that he had signed up for the motorcycle police, in season 4. He is probably the worst cop on the show, he does acid and uses department money to feed his gambling problem. Neither of which he gets fired, or even in serious trouble for. Together with T.C. he is a proud member of the Chest Liberation Army, and wears an open shirt every time opportunity comes knocking.

Of all the actors on Pacific Blue Jeff Stearns easily has the saddest acting career. Prior to getting the role of Russ Granger he guest starred in 'George & Leo' and '413 Hope St.', two shows that both got canned after one season. After he made the action movie 'Fire Over Afghanistan', which we are pretty sure no one ever watched, and a movie called 'Fighting Words' that seems to be a little like 8 Mile, except it's about poems. It co-stars washed-up 80s star C. Thomas Howell, and is directed by the writer of 'Baywatch Nights'

Jamie Strickland

Jamie was part of the new, younger and sexier wave that came over Pacific Blue in season 4. She was said to be quite skilled in martial arts, but she never used any on the show which is a real shame because martial arts was one of the few sings that a television show sucks not included in Pacific Blue. At the age of fifteen Jamie was sent to juvenile hall for standing up against her stepfather by emptying a revolver in his chest. When the police review board found out about it they decided to let her keep her job because, oh wait, there was never given a reasonable explanation for it.

Prior to Pacific Blue Amy Hunter used to play one time roles in various sitcoms including The Cosby Show and Fresh Prince in Bel Air. After the show she has enjoyed such roles as Jamie Foxx's wife in The Kingdom and Warrior Woman in The Scorpion King.

Bobby Cruz

The character of Bobby Cruz was originally conceived as a talking taco for comic relief, but when the show got new writers it was changed and Mario Lopez was cast. That's right Jessie became a stripper, 'Screech' made a porno and 'A.J' Slater joined the bicycle cops at Pacific Blue. Bobby was pretty much just a new, more Mexican, T.C. While he tried to bone Cory several times there was also a gay undertone in his friendship with, well, pretty much every other male character on the show.

In 1999 Mario Lopez got an Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series nomination at the American Latino Media Arts Awards. This means that there were only 5 shows with Latino leads in 1999. He did however fail to win. In the years after Pacific Blue Lopez is best known for having one of the shortest marriages in Hollywood history (18 days), and coming in second in Dancing with the Stars. Both of which are higher on the achievement list than appearing on Pacific Blue.

Elvis Kryzcewski

Elvis appeared during the two first seasons, he was an East-European bicycle repairman who was supposed to work as a comic relief. The problem is that Elvis was about as funny as a buddy comedy staring Dane Cook and Carlos Mencia would be. Eventually actor David Lander quit the show because of his MS.

Guest Stars

Actors Who Guest Starred on Pacific Blue Prior to Getting Famous:

Leslie Bibb

In an episode that served as her acting debut Leslie Bibb played a member of a trio of karate-trained teenage girls responsible for several assaults on the beach. Parts of her role can be found at the bottom.

Shannon Elizabeth

Before she got famous for showing her tits in American Pie and pretty much nothing else Shannon Elizabeth played a girl who takes a "hooking is a great way to cope with rape" class in college and who works as a hooker to finance her studies.

James Franco

Pacific Blue served as Franco's acting debut 2 years before his breakthrough with Freaks and Geeks. He played a small role as a teenager on the wrong side of the law in an episode dealing with the problems of the babies being sold on the black market.

Kristanna Loken

Loken played an Hawaiian cop whose body double knew some mean martial arts. She was also one of the few people on Hawaii to have a tan and who didn't try to speak with an Australian accent.

Alison Lohman

Lohman played the sister of one of Russ' best friends, who now is dead. The sister has gotten herself mixed up in the porn industry and Russ get's hellbent on getting her out. The joke however is on the porn people because she's a minor. By joke we mean serious legal problem.

Michael Pena

Pena had a small role as a Latin gangbanger, not that kind you perv, the kind that wears shirts with only the top button buttoned. He mostly stood in the background and looked stupid with his almost unbuttoned shirt.

Actors Who Guest Starred on Pacific Blue Despite Already Being Somewhat Know:

Too keep this section from becoming abominably long no pro-wrestlers will be mentioned.

Erik Estrada, Danny Bonaduce & Adam West

It's impossible to find shirtless pictures of Adam West, and it's impossible to find a picture of Danny Bonaduce wearing one.

These have to share section because they all starred in the same episode. Bonaduce played a washed-up child star turned bank robber, so if they had changed it to transvestite puncher he would be playing himself. Adam West had a small role as his father, and Estrada played Bonaduce's lawyer.

Charles Napier

The character actor best know for his role as Murdock the backstabber in Rambo II guest starred as Tyrone Justice, a faux bounty hunter trying to get back at his ex-wife by arresting her.

Carmen Electra

Electra appeared as her Baywatch character Lani McKenzie. Unfortunately it was only a cameo and the chance to make the greatest crossover in television history was missed.

Mickey Dolenz

Mickey Dolenz was the guy who pretended to play the drums in The Monkees and he's the only one on this list to appear twice on the show. He played himself, as the mayor of Santa Monica. We told you it was poorly written.