Batman With Adam West

Batman wasn't always a Dark Knight he used to be comical and blue.The 60's show starring Adom West

Beware old chump I have a state of the art bomb.

I was batman goddamit.

Just The Facts

  1. He could easily climb up a wall.If it is horizantal.
  2. Adam West had his creative dentist add a little black Batman logo to one of his molars.

Batman with Adam West

Adom West made Batman curky and comedical it was full of wierd stunts and sound effects. Adom West stared in the 1960 batman series which coverd many important subjects like robins puberty and taking care of your teeth.Another wierd stunt was diflecting bullets with the soles of thier boots.Batman fought along side his trusty sidekick Robin. An average episode stsrted out whith an evil villan comiting a crime.Batman and robin would find clues and at the end they would foil the villans plan and have a fight scene with the best sound effects ever.