The most famous lesbian couple in the world and the best thing from Russia since vodka. They are also known to have singing voices.

The real talent of the group is slightly covered.

Just The Facts

  1. Sold over 15 millions of CDs and singles worldwide. With songs.
  2. The group was formed when they both were 13 years old.
  3. Just like Britney - not known for their songs.
  4. The couple is very enjoyable when searched in google pictures without the adult filter.

The origins of T.A.T.U.

Once upon a time a Russian producer Ivan Shapovalov and his friend/business partner Alexander Voitinskyi sat down and decided to make the next big thing. They knew that all men liked three things - beer, basketball and lesbians. The only problem was that drunken lesbians who play with balls could not get in MTV's daily program. So they taught those two lesbians to sing. Thus was born T.A.T.U.

Popularity and Career

They have released six albums and won a lot of awards. They even participated in Eurovision of 2003, which is like American Idol, but with more breasts and politics. They did not win though and Russians blamed Ireland. When t.A.T.u appeared on Tonight Show with Jay Leno., everything went according to plan: performed, kissed, got banned. Lucky for them, Russian language is not the strong side of Jay Leno, so they performed with T-shirts, which had "Fuck the war" written on them.

Literal translation: Dick for war.

Literal translation: Dick for war.

The Whole "not lesbians" Act

They have repeatedly stated that they are NOT lesbians. Not considering the fact that no one is buying it, they still support this foolish conspiracy theory and claim that it was all an act the producers wanted. # of reasons why that is mere bullshit:

  1. The name of the group. t.A.T.u. is a shortened version from the Russian "Eta devochka lyubit' tu devochku", meaning "This girl loves that girl".Don't get it? No one does. They even made a song called "Not gonna get us."
  2. They have a song named "Boy Gay".
  3. Attended Moscow Gay Pride in 2007.
  4. Should the kissing and making out in public even be mentioned?

"We are simply two singers who happen to fondle each other from time to time."

The fun part of being a pop star

When being a lesbian is your work, you need something really exiting in your free time to not to become a workaholic. They found a way. In their movie they confessed in using heroin, smoking weed and having an abortion. The last one must be an example of consequences when a confused young lesbian tries sex with another gender. But the father already had a wife and a child, so that does not count.

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