Ah, Seinfeld- source of 50% of the one-liners uttered by Gen X'ers in the 90's. Grunge was king, rock was dead, and Seinfeld filled in the rest of broken lives with its hilariously selfish and pessimistic humor.

Featured: Kramer, George, Elaine, and Jerry. Not featured:

Oh, wait, there he is.

Screenshots of the famous 90's dance move,

Just The Facts

  1. Seinfeld is purposely about NOT having happy endings, a la typical sitcom-style. Dysfunction and selfishness are the main themes in the series.
  2. Frank Costanza is often cited as the inspiration for "Festivus", which is a holiday around Christmas time "for the rest of us".
  3. The series is known by its famous "sound effects", such as a popping sound and a few funky bass notes (this tactic is similar to Law & Order's gavel-strike sound- recognizeable anywhere).

Know Your Seinfeld Trivia!

  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elaine) was once a cast member of SNL in the early 80's.
  • None of the three principle actors were able to land a hit TV series after Seinfeld ended, although Lord knows they all tried.
  • Michael Richards (Kramer) gained notoriety in recent years for doing a stand-up comedy routine laced with racist statements, which he was blasted for by the public and the media.
  • The issue of the "Good Samaritan Law" became a popular topic for debate after it became the centrepiece of an import episode of the show.
  • The show is responsible for such euphemisms as "master of my domain", "regift", "degift", "serenity now", "yada yada", "independent George", "giddyup", and pretty much anything else anyone 30 or over now says to a friend that causes them to laugh while you try to figure out what the hell just happened.