Grunge is easily the best form of music ever created... ever. To not know grunge is to not know true, pure, unadulterated music. Read on, pitiful being, and bask in the power that is grunge.

Just The Facts

  1. Grunge produced some of the best bands of all time, including, but not limited to: Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Mother Love Bone, Mudhoney, and Screaming Trees.
  2. Nirvana's drummer was Dave Grohl. Dave Grohl founded the Foo Fighters. The chain of awesomeness continued.
  3. Grunge was the only style of music to inspire a unisex fashion. Everyone in the 90's wore flannel, ripped jeans, and long shirts under t-shirts. No one saw a single man-thong whale tail, and no one looked like they had shit their pants with 10 tons of shit. Truly, it was a golden age.
  4. Grunge died the day Britney Spears released her video for some shitty song she did while dressed as a trampy 14 year old schoolgirl at the Academy for Pedophile Targets Junior High.

If you're still not convinced...

The day Kurt Cobain died, fans flooded the streets to remember him. People still remember where they were when they heard he died. An icon was gone. What icons of the slut-pop-rap age will YOU flood the street to mourn? If the answer is anything other than "none", you suck because you don't listen to actual music. You might as well download the soundtracks to porn flicks, they have the same content and have the same computer synthesizer creating the "music".

Take this fun quiz to see what I mean:

Is it porn, or music lyrics?

"How you make that pussy talk"
"Lick my dick like a popsicle stick"
"My balls on your face look so good"
"Slap my ass and call me a bitch"

Answer key: they're all lyrics by douchebags who don't play musical instruments. Profound, no?