Snack Food

Snack food is a drug. It causes addiction, and it makes you feel like your high. Well, depending on your sugar intake that is. Then there's the carrots...

No, that's not Jack Nicholson.

Just The Facts

  1. Healthy food is no longer snack food.
  2. It offers a high number of calories in a small volume.
  3. Models would rather break a nail than eat it.

Ah, snack food or junk food? Is it the same?

Before & After Snack Food
^ Before & After the snack food attack.

Yeah, same difference alright.
Snack food and junk food fall into the same category. Snack food isn't carrots and ranch dip anymore. Especially within America.. and the 21st century. Since snack food is no longer healthy, it's classified as junk food. Come 'on.. doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

Symptoms of Snackularitis
- You tossed the veggies and dip out back in the 90s.
- You cuss at your TV each time a yogurt commerical comes in.
- You go through three bags of potato chips a day.
- You prefer Cocoa Pebbles over Special K.
- Every two hours, you must search through the cabinets and find something to snack on.

How To Prevent Snackularitis
- Speak to a vgetarian.
- Jump out a ten story high window.

Celebrities B&A The Snackfood...

You think David Beckham's still with her?

"I blame Brad and Angelina."

"Like... Oh-em-gee.....He has more boobs than me!"

Celebs that could use snack food.

"Soon, I'll be a 00."

"Yeeeeees! I finally lost my belly fat, now I can fit into that corset and marry Orlando Bloom.. at the same time!"

Snack Food's effect on America

Did you know people in Mississippi are the most obese?
...Just thought I'd throw that fact in there.

Cough OBSEITY .. Blame McDonalds or Snack food?
Wait a second, is McDonalds considered snack food?
'Cause there's no way pounds of greasy fake, rubber meat could be considered as a lunch or dinner.. Oh right, and there's some greasy battered fries grilled in animal fat. Nevermind, I guess it's a well balanced meal. Plus the milkshake that hangs in your stomach after drinking.

Ah... The good ole' healthyness of America.

I think this about wraps it up.

Kiddes at home, please take note, snackfood is for the fat.