Man Crush(who\'s Your Favorite Badass)

Lets all admit it, there's some guys out there you just can't help but admire. Jealousy usually sparks hatred, but these guys are just too fuckin cool to hate.

QB for the best team in the NFL and married to the hottest chick on the entire planet, come on

Knows a bunch of shit about a bunch of shit

No matter how uber straight you are, nobody can resist this charmin devils' good looks

Just The Facts

  1. List someone you both admire and don't hate
  2. List reasons why
  3. List someone you both admire and do hate
  4. List reasons why

Some guys your jealous of and hate...

Ashton Kutcher - just a dumbass

Kanye West - too full of himself...and shit (do you like fishsticks?)

P Diddy aka Puff Daddy aka Sean Puffy Combs - We all know your super rich, we get it, congrats

Tony Stewart - good thing you can drive, cause you don't seem like you have an Engineering degree

David Beckam - The Euro version of Tom Brady. Fully equipped with speedo's and fo-hawks