Shattering the previously held theory that webcomics were, scientifically speaking, “Lame To-The-Max”, xkcd's unconventional use of jokes about calculus and frequent references to Linux helped it defy all odds to become even lamer.

Irony: Using Microsoft Visio to call someone else a nerd.

Just The Facts

  1. xkcd's creator, Randall Munroe, has a degree in physics, a work history with NASA, and presumably the world's most disappointed mother.
  2. Unlike that crazy old Ukrainian guy who lives down the street, xkcd's name is deliberately meaningless and unpronounceable.
  3. Munroe often uses humor involving computer science due to his experience as a programmer, although he's probably not skilled enough to be a hacker.
  4. On the other hand, I am a huge tool with no penis. IP Address and phone number to follow.

Wait... What?

What is this I don't even

"Yeah! Fuck Frank Drake! ...I think. Fuck planets maybe?"

If you'd say you're confused by what you've seen so far then... Congratulations! Now you're speaking just like 50% of xkcd readers. If you'd say you understand it then... Congratulations! Now you're lying just like 50% of xkcd readers. If you're neither confused nor lying then... Congratulations! You're Randall Munroe.

Budget Cuts Suck

Munroe grapples with the infamous "No fucking way you
can stack six ducks" portion of NASA's entrance examination.

A Brief History of xkcd

While flipping through the pages of his school notebooks in September 2005, Munroe decided he wanted to preserve the countless hours of work he had poured into them, and maybe even save some of his class notes if there was time after the doodles. Shortly after scanning and uploading his pages, he posted some of the comic-filled sheets online. His doodles quickly earned him the praise of many new readers, and possibly the scorn of a few.

God damn widowers

Now considered one of the web's most popular comics, xkcd has received traffic ranging up to almost 70 million page views in a single month. It has gone on to receive several nominations for various webcomic awards, and even won "Outstanding Single Panel Comic" at the Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards

Artist's rendering.

Unfortunately, xkcd's run in the 'OMFG Internet' category of the NewNowNext Awards fell short after it was beaten by Planet Unicorn, an animated cartoon about an 8-year-old gay boy named Shannon who uses a magic lamp to wish for a planet full of unicorns (and also a fur jacket and a flying car... seriously)


Fuck you Shannon! You're not even old enough to drive!

It should be noted at this point that the NewNowNext awards are held on Logo, the gay and lesbian-themed network. Other categories include 'Best Gay Kiss', 'Best.Lesbian.Vlog.Ever', and 'Best Upcoming Industry Gay Gaming Professional'. It's not unfair to say Shannon may have benefited a little from the home team advantage.

Sorry for this. Seriously.

Artist's Rendering.