Motocross is an off road motorcycle or bicycle race world renown for the awesome jumps and the badass falls. Most are motor bike races held on dirt tracks were racers risk face and limb for glory and money.

Holy Shit.

Just The Facts

  1. You know those Motorcycle races you watch just to see the bone shattering crashes? Yeah, thats motocross.
  2. The Crashes aren't the best part. The best part is the tricks like 1080 barspin double backflip supermans.
  3. Sitting on a motor going 80 mph is cool. Sitting on a motor going 80 mph while doing a backflip is badass.

In a nutshell

Motocross actually comes from the French but they had originally named the sport Scrambling when it was invented because riders would scramble on account of the fact that if they were too close together if the one in first place fell he would wipe out all of the other damn riders. Motocross races are physically demanding with cyclists competing on a course marked out over terrain more rough than sex with a fucking rhino. Other reasons why motocross is the most physically demanding motorcycle race is the steep uphill and downhill grades, the slippery wet and muddy areas in the course and the numerous left and right hand turns or berms which will force anyone new to the sport to -bite the dirt/ wreck their theoretical babies/ destroy their chest- and cause half the people behind them to to do the same. There are also many kinds of difficult jumps that motocross riders must master like rhythm jumps (broken ribs), whoops (damaged spine) and doubles and triples where you jump from one dirt bump to the next without touching the middle (broken face). Everyone in the family can enjoy motocross bikes that are made to fit all riders sizes from kids to adults. Especially if you wipe the fuck out. Then everybody but you is enjoying it.

The tricks are super badass though, they're just amazing. Like when Matt hoffman aired over the Great wall of China (EAT IT COMMIES), or when Travis Pastrana did his backflip superman seatgrab indian (whatever the balls that means), or when I pulled an accidental wheelie when I first rode a dirt bike. The most popular tricks are backflips, frontflips, superman (sticking out your legs in mid-air), can-can (putting both legs on one side of the bike), and of course, the wheelie.