The Ring

A 2002 remake of the japanese movie Ringu. Base off the novel by Kôji Suzuki. Named as well Ringu

when you die you see the ring...

Bush has it! oh god we're doomed!

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The plot!

The movie starts off with two girls having a sleepover. They begin to talk about the cursed video tape when one confesses to actually watching it seven days ago at a cabin at Shelter Mounatin Inn. After a series of strange occourrances involving the television turning itself on Katie (the girl who watched the tape) is mysteriously killed while Becca watches and has to be hospitilzed in a mental insitution.

Katie's Aunt Rachel played by Naomi Watts is a journalist living in Seattle, WA. She goes to her neices funeral, her sister begins to talk about the death of her daughter. Rachel being a Journalist starts to invegestate her Neices death. Her invegestion lead her to the cabin where she watches the tape, and get the phone call, in which a childs voice says "Seven Days"

The next day she enlists the help of her ex Boyfriend Noah. The father of her precious son Aidan. Noah askes her to make a copy of the tape.

Aidan watches the tape a few days later.

So far this teaches us not to watch unmarked videos you find in cabins. Because three more people are marked for death,

After viewing the tape Rachel begins having nightmares, nosebleeds, and surreal situations. In one part while she is viewing the tape again, she is able to pull a fly off the moniter.

But of course she just can't wait and die, she invegestate the repeated image of the woman on the tape. It leads her to Anna Morgan. She lived on an Moesko Island with her husband Richard and her daughter.

A tradgey befell the Morgan Ranch in which all the horses when mad and killed themselves. how convient. This causes Anna to become depressed and commit sucide. again how convient. Rachel goes to the Morgan house where she meets Richard. He refuses to talk about the video or his daughter.

A local doctor tells her that Anna couldn't carry a baby to full term and that they adopted a child named Samara.

Anna soon complained of visions that only happend when Samara was around. So both were sent to a mental insitution.

Noah goes to the insitution and finds Annas file and finds , get ready for it, a video tape is missing!

Rachel returns to the Morgan home and views the missing tape and is confronted by Richard. He now tells her the girl was evil. Wow. Like we didnt know that already.

Richard then goes off and electrocutes himself in the bathtub, sending Rachel screaming.

Noah arrived and he and Rachel goes to the barn where they find an attic where Samara was kept by her father. Behind the wallpaper they find a picture of a tree which was on the tape and was growing near the Shelter Mountain Inn. Then they go there and find a well and discover Samara's body. Rachel has a vision showing her of how Anna dumped her body there. She notifies the authorites and she is given a proper burial.

Now when we think that its over and the movie is gonna end sadly we are wrong.

Rachel infoms Aidan that it is over, that there will no longer be trouble from Samara. He tells her that She has freed her body and Samara never sleeps.

We cut back in on Noah, in his apartment, the televison turns on and Samara has come out of the well and crawls out of his television.

Samara stares at him scaring him to death, which Rachel discovers after racing to his apartment.

cool fx makeup huh?

Rachel destroys and burns the tape while YELLING asking what Samara wants from her.

Like its really her she is after.

She is then back at her apartment and finds a tape marked copy underneath the couch.

Afraid that her son will also die she now realizes that the ONLY way to escape is by coping the tape and showing it to someone else. The movie ends with Rachel helping Aidan copy the tape and put it in a public library.

So this movie has taught us that if we watch an unmarked tape and invegestate it the only way to not die is that we show it to someone else. wow.


To advertise the movie The Ring promo websites were created featuring characters and places in the film.

wanna see the tape, go to

The film was financially succesfull. This sucess allowd Dreamworks to roll the film to 700 other theaters.

The succes of this fim paved the way for a sequel The Ring 2, and not to metion other Japanese remakes. Such as The Grudge, The Grudge 2 and Dark Water.

The grudge

The Ring relies on atmosphere and story to deliver the jumps, not someone being cleaved in half by a glass door.

You can see some one being cleaved in half by a glass door in thirteen ghosts.