Whales.. The bullies of the sea. They tend to feed on krill, one of the smallest fish-like-things in the water. That's totally cool, guys. There is also the ''humpback whale'' which we'd all love to say isn't, but is hilariously named.

Whales only natural predator.. birds that are barely it's size!

Atleast somebody cares about saving the whales.

The main whale hunters of america.

Just The Facts

  1. Whales breathe into it's lungs, that are somewhere we rather not check.
  2. They apparently have pubes. Very little, though.
  3. The males are called bulls, and the females are called cows.
  4. The last fact was just plain rude.

Whales.. The least intresting sea-animal.

Have you ever been to Sea World to look at the whale(s)? Of course. Every american does american things like take 3 hours out of their day to look at a 100 ton pile of fat struggle to get through a ring while we laugh at it in amusement. While all that may be suspiciously like animal slavery, we enjoy it.

Whales are considered predators(also known as bullies), they eat anything smaller than a fish, and are quite gentle.* (Gentle being to everything except the plankton, they're fucked.) When not bullying krill, they normally float in the water gracefully, planning to attack the land when ready. They also communicate with high-pitched moans from their pubes being dragged in the water. Communication is normally within the regions of either flirting or talking about the plan.

The only thing stopping the whales from completion is.. You guessed it. Whale Killings.

Score One For America.

But, as always Japan is in the fucking way. You know, because they're against whale killings, but anything else is good sushi. To be truthful, most of the whale hunters are either old men, in their too old to be living stages or teenagers who like fucking with like.. anything. Whales have it coming, always thinking they're superior. Moaning like they did something important in America. Fuckers. What makes you so special, huh!? Just because you can breathe underwater and swim deeper than I can, doesn't make you better! Go Whale Hunter Squad!

Take that, arrogant bastards!