Aerosmith is an American rock 'n' roll band that was formed in Boston in the year 1970, where, back then, good rock 'n' roll music was as influencial as terrible music is to kids today.

From left to right: Brad Whitford, Joe Perry, Steven Tyler, Joey Kramer and Tom Hamilton.

Holy cow, Steven, it's a microphone, not a big mac.

It would be really sad to play the game after your conecert got cancelled. Then you'd be fake playing AND fake watching.

Just The Facts

  1. Steven Tyler (singer) is famous for his huge mouth (Of course you probably already guessed). Joe Perry (lead guitarist) also has a huge nose. Are these good bases for jokes? No. Are they still being run into the ground? Yes...Hell yes.
  2. Steven Tyler and Joe Perry were called "The Toxic Twins" back in the 70s because of their chemistry on stage together. We're guessing that that was also their superhero kind of dynamic-duo type name as well. Joe would be able to smell record deals from hundreds of miles away while Steven would call
  3. Except between '79 and '84, the band has had the same lineup since it was formed 150 years ago.
  4. Initially, the band gained a big following through word of mouth regarding Steven Tyler's huge mouth.
  5. The music community we have today owes a lot to Aerosmith because of how versatile they became. In fact, when they performed with Run-DMC, they were pretty much the first ones to blend true rock and roll with real hip-hop. And now it's been butchered ever since.
  6. Aerosmith has won multiple grammys possibly for their intellectual behaviour and lyrics. Cough cough.
  7. According to the band, when they all lived in an apartment, they would spend their afternoons getting high while watching the three stooges. Very intellectual indeed...
  8. Aerosmith was at first regarded as a rip-off of the Rolling Stones. Probably because a) Steven Tyler's shape of mouth, b) Stevn Tyler's size of mouth or c) STEVEN TYLER'S MOUTH WAS LIKE MICK JAGGER'S.
  9. Their bassist, Tom Hamilton, beat cancer. No joke.

Falling off the Edge (GET IT?!?!? Oh wait--you haven't read yet)

Aerosmith had a full american tour scheduled with ZZ Top in 2009 to promote their new album. But after some surgery promlems within the band and some honest delays, the album looked like it wouldn't be released in time, so instead of their new album, they decided to promote Guitar Hero by having two kids come at the beggining of every freaking concert to play a game of guitar hero...Before the show...In front of people. They're playing fake intruments. it gets worse.

So after that mumbo jumbo that fans just simply ignored, things were going smoothly until one paticularly interesting evening. Yup, Steven Tyler fell off stage. And according to the man himself, he fell off while he was doing the "Tyler Shuffle", whatever the hell that is. But whatever it is, it looks like Mel Gibson's sobriety test. See for yourself.

It was everywhere on classic rock stations. And, just like the video said, Steven Tyler broke his left shoulder and had to get stitches in his head and back. How the hell does that happen when you're falling into an audience? Especially since "everyone the audience thought we were supposed to have him crowd surf", according to a fan. But then, according to Aerosmith's manager, Steven "Took it very well. He was joking and chatting with a phyiscian." And by phycian, he means the one of the freaking hospital chopper. That's right, they literally got a helicopter to fly Steven Tyler to the airport in the middle of a concert. Then after that they had the president personally come and hoist him on his soulders to get to his hospital room.

AeroForceOne (Drop and give me an air guitar solo!)

AeroForceOne is the official fan club for Aerosmith, Period. Yup, it's called Aero Force One (Somewhere, far away, an air force officer is softly weeping). It's where any Aerosmith fan ranging from "Yeah, a listen to them a couple times" to "I got an huge freaking TATTOO of the AEROSMITH LOGO on my FREAKING BACK BECAUSE I LOVE THEM THAT MUCH!" Holy cow. Oh, and of course there's a fan art secton for anyone who wants to bucther the band's image as well, while they're at it. But the surprising thing is that, once again, you can find fan art ranging from very good to just plain insane. You ever seen modern art based on an american rock band? it's not a pretty sight.

You can just sign right right up if you want to be a beginner member. OR! For the low few of forty bucks, youget the AeroForceOne Membership package with a T-Shirt and guitar picks as well as stuff you'll show to your kids twenty years later in your dusty attic near a bunch of cardboard boxes such as things like an offical AeroForceOne membership pin and band member photo pack??

Anyways, pretty cool if you're a die hard fan. But you might want to keep it away from some people. You know, the people who aren't stalkers.