Flight Of The Conchords

Flight of the Conchords is "New Zealand's fourth most popular digi -folk paradists". That's a direct quote- we're not making that up.

Just The Facts

  1. FoTC is comprised of Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie. Both are from New Zealand.
  2. FoTC has their own show on HBO. The second season ended recently, and no one's sure if there will be a third season.
  3. Under no circumstances should you ever refer to FoTC as Australians. You won't get a punch in the face but you will get a song that bashes you, and which is also hilarious.

Know Your Conchords!

The band is Jemaine Clement, and Bret McKenzie. On the TV show, they play themselves, along with their manager Murray Hewitt (Rhys Darby), their pawn shop owner friend Dave (Arj Barker), and their crazy, obsessed fan Mel (Kristen Schaal).

FoTC is known for their hilarious songs, which are often about women, friendship, life in the big city, and other random topics (David Bowie and robots are two examples). They also each have a rap alter ego: Bret is the Rhymenocerous and Jemaine is the Hip-hop-opotomus. Their rhymes are so potent they make ladies pregant just by listening to them rap. Also, they remind us that there ain't no party like your nana's tea party.

Bret McKenzie

Bret is one half of FoTC. He's known as the 'sexy' Conchord, AKA Rhymenocerous. He plays guitar and piano.

Bret is known for his ingenious inventions like the cameraphone:

...and the hair bicycle helmet:

He also is bulimic and suffers from low self-confidence. If you get him angry, he responds by dancing.

Jemaine Clement

Jemaine is the other half of FoTC. He's known as the "guy who looks like an ogre who works in a library" Conchord, AKA Hip-hop-opotomus. He plays bass and piano.

Jemaine is known for his ability to make Bret feel better.

Murray Hewitt

Murray is FoTC's band manager/Cultural Liason to the Consulate of New Zealand in New York City. He is extremely organized and always starts meetings by doing the roll call. Murray is always doing whatever he can to get FoTC gigs, as long as they're not at night, because it's dangerous to be out at night.


Mel is FoTC's only fan. She is obsessed with both guys, but especially Bret. She is always waiting for them when they leave their apartment, and never misses any of their gigs. She is also known for making homemade t-shirts with either Bret or Jemaine's pictures on it... and it's unclear how she got the photo.

Mel often gets her husband Doug to drive her around while she stalks the band.


Dave is the owner of the local pawn shop, and is Bret & Jemaine's best friend. He's always there for advice, such as using sex as a bartering tool to get free stuff, and how to get with the ladies.


FoTC used almost all old material for Season 1 of their show, which included classics like:

"Business Time":

"The Most Beautiful Girl In The Room":

"Bret, You Got It Goin' On":

Songs from Season 2 were all new, with instant classics like:


"Hurt Feelings":

"You Don't Have to be a Prostitute":