Happy Tree Friends

Happy Tree Friends is like a kids show with a lot of gore and minus the kids.

So Cute So Adoreble SO DOOMED

The Original Pedobear

Only one picture with blood? BLASPHEMY!!!

Just The Facts

  1. You can only find this offenive if you hate blood
  2. It is awsome
  3. There will be blood

The Creation

Like all things awesome like bacon, Weird al, and Chuck Norris Happy Tree Friends had humble beginnings.

In 1999 while working in Mondo Media (Which pre htf must have been some dirty run down wherehouse in San Francisco or in other words hell).

mondo media 1998

Rhode Montijo drew a yellow rabbit and wrote and I quote "Resistance is Futile" Bellow it. After which he showed his Co-Workers they liked it enough that he managed to get permission to show everyone a 30 second short based on it.

So then Rhode Montijo, Aubrey Ankrum and Kenn Navarro put their heads together and came up with a short in which a purple dinosaur kills three woodland animals.

Some of the loveible but doomed characters

Cuddles: As you may have expected, he looks as gay as he sounds. He is a yellow rabbit with poofy hair and pink bunny slippers. Fortunately he makes up for his lameness by the sheer number of times he is killed. He is the poster boy of HTF and is bound to be found somewhere in any of the merchandise.

Giggles: This is the stereotypical "Girlly-Girl" of the show she is pink and white, enjoys tea parties, frolics in flowers, and is banging every male character of the show off camera with the exception of Disco Bear, and Lumpy. Ironically those two are the only known characters of the show with an *achem* happy tree.

Lumpy: This Light blue moose is the retard of the show and has killed more characters than even flippy. Albeit unintentionally at least most of the time. The Creators seem to love this light blue asshole as much as cuddles and the like cause he appears in almost ALL of the episodes.

Flippy: This legendary green bear is basically Rambo with an evil side. He periodically "Flips out" due to his post traumatic stress disorder which is triggered by things that are "war-y" so to speak you know gun shots, fire, est. Now he would be pure awesome but then there are his fan girls WHICH ARE OBSESSED WITH HIM!!! Go on any HTF site and there are at least 50 girls with a female flippy clone created for the sole purpose of making fan art where they ****! While he's portrayed as a total badass he is really quite the pussy when not flipped out which of course his fan girls find even more irresistible or refuse to acknowledge.

Flaky: The most popular character of the show Flaky is a timid red porcupine with severe dandruff. Like all shows htf has a stupid paring the most popular of which is Flippy and Flaky like all stupid parings it is held together by stupid evidence supposedly left by the creators who hate all serious paring in there show.

Disco Bear : This bear is as you would expect stuck in the seventies with super glue. He is one of the few happy tree friends that actually wear pants and is also one of the few that need them. The only thing he loves more then his red afro and disco is little girls he frequently hits on two/thirds of the females on the show and fails each time he doesn't seem to hit on the third girl flaky probably to help the flaky gender war going.


Unfortunately to those of you who haven't heard of the show I'm afraid you will never get to see it. In February of 2008 the UN agreed to ban the show from all nations. Two weeks later the Californian National Guard raided the Mondo Offices killing the creators and seizing all Happy Tree Friend data. All merchandise of the show was later burned and the ashes used to fertilize farmland in the Midwest.

All records of the show were hunted down and deleted on the internet. This article will likely be deleted soon so you shou-

Oh, I'm sorry I appeared to have gotten wrong info apparently it was only banned in Russia and just on TV. stupid commies.